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Thread: do you think the daughters made the right decision?

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    Quote Originally Posted by psucashcow
    I still think that one of best premises for a reality dating show was Perfect Match/New York.
    I love that show, it's being run on the Life channel in Canada. I think they're currently casting for another season but the channel it's on in the US we don't get in Canada (ABC Family?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobi
    I'm sure that's going to be a rough road since I do think they are jealous of Stacy and their father's feelings for her.
    I never picked up that vibe. I thought the daughters liked her (two of them more than the third...I can't use names, because I never figured out which was which). They seemed pretty buddy, buddy with her...calling her Stace, etc. That's not how you act with someone you don't like.

    So I didn't see any jealously. I just thought they had legitimate doubts about whether or not it was a good match. But of the two finalists, there was no way they could choose Suzanne after Marty made such a strong plea for Stacy. I mean, really, how could Suzanne have shown her face after the finale knowing that Marty's feelings for Stacy were so much stronger?

    I think both Suzanne and Stacy mostly just wanted to win. To me, Marilyn looked like the last contestant who was really in it purely for the relationship, and even she said in her post-show interviews that the attraction wasn't that strong.
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    i think that the girls made the right choice by choosing stacy! all along i had wanted suzanne to win until the last 2 or 3 episodes... she seemed so nice, so genuine, for the first half of the game... and then as the game came closer to the end... she just got so... i dunno... kinda mean!
    she kept on talking about when she and marty will do this and when theyll do that... and was quite bitchy to the other girls! well thats what i thought anyways!
    stacy was always so quiet, and sweet for the whole game... and she deserves to have got where she did!

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    Will you marry my Dad? Ages?

    There were alot of questions about the ages of the Dad and girls... Well, I just read in the Coloradoan Newspaper that Nicole is 28, Jennifer 27, and Brook 25. Oh, Dad is 47. I really wonder what Dad is going to think when he sees how the women he "loves" acted with the other women on the show.
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