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Thread: 7/12 Show Discussion thread ***Spoilers

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    Quote Originally Posted by proudnewf
    Wow, these ladies don't age very well do they? What will they look like at 50+? Scarey.

    I'll be 37 in August, and not that these women aren't attrctive and all, but I don't look anywhere NEAR as old as they do. Maybe its all the caked on make-up? And the "overdone" hair and wardrobe (esp. on Suzanne).

    Knowing their ages I feel so good about myself!
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    Quote Originally Posted by proudnewf
    Another thought about last night's show. Marty's sadness when he found out Nicole had been barred from the limo in her wedding dress..... He said that he definitely felt a connection with her. What a crock! It was either last week or the week before when talking with his daughters he said out of the remaining women at that point he felt no chemistry or had no strong feelings for Nicole. The producers gotta start supplying their show participants with new lines, these recycled ones are getting kinda threadbare and contradictory.

    Um, yeah! You know, until this year's reality tv season, I thought the 'Bachelor/Bachelorette' series, particularly Season One with creepy Alex & Amanda of the Inflatable Chest, was the low point in reality programming. But NBC's new shows this year have made me revise my opinion . . .as cheesy and stiff as 'For Love or Money' is, at least the contestants get to lounge poolside at a spiffy mansion, and get to spend at least 6 whole hours in Cabo or Tahoe. WHAT in land's name do these potential brides on this show get except cold pizza, jockeying for one lousy bathroom, and parading around in borrowed wedding attire? Where's the fun? I don't think any of the women have been having any fun since the hot tub scene. (Well, they did get to go skeet-shooting, and what manicured, overly made-up woman doesn't appreciate an afternoon with a good rifle?)

    Having the women wear borrowed wedding gowns all night like some freakish Halloween party is wrong on soooo many levels. As was having them enact that travesty of a wedding ceremony. (And we thought that Heidi's poem on Joe Millionaire was laughable?!)

    If the girls do not choose Marilyn, they are on crack. Wonder what the spirited argument between Marty and his daughters in the episode preview is about?--they reminded him that he PROMISED to accept their choice, but ole Marty looks very unhappy about whatever they decided. If they cut Marilyn, the best reason for watching this freak show (besides Lie Guy) will be gone.

    Suzanne . . .the epitome of the beauty-contestant Stepford wife. Those lips are truly frightening . . .doesn't Marty know it's a bad sign when a potential wife's mouth is bigger than his entire head?? (Both of 'em, doncha know?) That chick scares me to pieces. And she lists her age as 38? Gee . . I'm 38 and Suzanne looks nearly old enough to be my mother. Come to think of it, she looks old enough to be Marty's mother.

    And Stacey's 38 too? Bwaaaa haaaa haaa! Only 38 and angling for her 4th husband (or is that 5th?) already? Fast worker.

    Both of these women have to be at least Marty's age, and neither have aged well. At all. Been rode too hard and put away wet too many times, especially in Stacey's case. In the case of Suzanne, it may just be all the hairspray fumes that have done the damage.

    The minute Marilyn got out of the limo, I thought 'She's the shoo-in--nobody else here holds a candle to her.' I still believe that--and I can't believe that she's got 2 Botox hag queens still breathing down her neck for the job.

    Could it be that the producers are just angling to create some drama here to disguise (however thinly) that Marilyn's victory is such a foregone conclusion?

    I'm not seeing the 'connection' between Marty and Suzanne. S. sure gabs plenty about how SHE has feelings for Marty yadayada . . .but the only feelings I've heard HIM articulate was when he was with Marilyn in the hammock . . .not for nothing did they reserve the best date spot for her.

    If Marilyn & Marty seem reserved around each other, that could be an indication of how much they REALLY like each other--I for one find it much easier to make fluffy superficial conversation with a man I am NOT attracted to as a way of filling up the spaces. When I really like someone, it gets harder & harder to breathe, much less make sparkling repartee.


    Kudos to sweet Melanie . . .hope she finds someone nice outside of this crazy hothouse.

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    hikari, excellent breakdown of Marilyn and Marty's relationship. I think Suzanne is remaining because of her personality, and Stacy because she comes off as sincere (when she's just playing the game). Now Marilyn has class and sincerity to spare.

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    Gosh this show is cheezy!!! I thought it was silly that the women stayed in the wedding dresses all of that time and had pizza. How uncomfortable was that?? I had to change the channel during the vows- it was just to painful to watch. I realize that the women signed up for this show, but I doubt they signed up to be embarrassed during the whole thing. If I were there, I would have split way before last nights crapfest. No guy is worth that.

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    hikari - BRAVO! Eloquently worded, and right on target! I agree with every word you said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss
    I really hope I have enough self-control to not watch it next week, but I'm not making any promises. I'm so ashamed!!!

    Somebody help me.
    You could always just pop by next week, read the synopsis and check out the screen caps.

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    Sassy Sooner
    I think instead of "winning" Marty, Stacy should win an Emmy! What an actress! Everything she says seems so contrived and pretentious. And trust me, she has not always talked in that creepy, measured, breathy way. That is something she has aquired somewhere along the way, probably thinking it makes her sound more sophisticated. And she is actually 39. It just tickles me to her everyone scoff at that, knowing how much "effort" she has put into her appearance!

    Here's another thought: maybe the shot of the hand with the ring is actually from the jewelry store encounter. In which case, it could be any of them and not necessarily the one he proposes to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hikari
    Both of these women have to be at least Marty's age, and neither have aged well. At all.
    I was just thinking, what if they're are all smokers? and they just aren't shown smoking on the show. That would explain their skin tone...

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    So no one saw the original promo showing who I thought was Suzanne? Does anyone else see the older hand in the current promo, seeming like Suzanne?

    Someone HAS to have seen the blonde in the black dress, yes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger Bunny
    You could always just pop by next week, read the synopsis and check out the screen caps.
    Having invested this much in the show, I probably won't have the discipline to not even check the outcome. We'll see. .

    Does anyone besides me think it's really weird that the girls have sent Marilyn to the lie detector at least twice and that neither Suzanne nor Stacy have been there once? I can't believe that they don't want to have a chance to know what's going on inside those scheming heads (even if the lie detector tests aren't at all meaningful).
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