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    Online articles...


    'Who Wants to Marry My Dad' agains flaunts ring of SD

    By: ANN ZIVOTSKY - For the North County Times

    One man, three daughters, 13 bachelorettes ---- all in one house.

    It's a dream-come-true ---- or a bathroom nightmare ---- in the new season of NBC's "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?"

    Marty Okland, 47, is hoping to find love with one of the bachelorettes, although his three daughters will make the final decision for him. His middle daughter, Jennifer, has worked in Carmel Valley for the past three years. She remembers her father calling from his home in Colorado to tell her he was doing the show and needed her help.

    "When he called me, I said, 'Why not give it a shot?,' " Jennifer Okland, 27, said during a telephone interview. "If he wanted to do it, I would do it."

    He liked all the women.

    "Before it started I was pretty skeptical that my dad could really find someone. The women were so wonderful and so warm. I grew closer to these women, and then it became very hard to eliminate them."

    Viewers will have to watch the six episodes to see which woman is the final choice, but two San Diego residents are among the group. Suzanne Penny, 38, has lived near Del Mar for a decade and was approached by a casting director about being on the show.

    "When they were first telling me about the show, I thought they wanted to put my father on the show ---- his wife passed away recently," Penny said. "When I found out it was me they wanted on the show, I was flabbergasted."

    Penny, who works as a residential mortgage lender, has been single for four years after being married for eight. Like last season's "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?," filming took place in a Los Angeles home. Penny said she enjoyed the experience.

    "The father and the girls were all wonderful. They were brilliant and charming," Penny said, adding, "(The sisters are) not triplets, but they're all in sync with each other."

    For Del Mar Highlands resident Machel Penn, 32, being on the show was personally reassuring.

    "Just doing the show, you never know who you are. You're around different people," Penn said, adding, "I have pretty good morals ---- I'm glad I had good parents."

    Penn, who works as a model and writer, describes herself as a farm girl on the show ---- she's from Springfield, Mo. ---- and was married for five years to KFMB/Channel 8 anchor Michael Tuck. She agreed with Penny about enjoying the experience.

    "I'm very glad I did the show," Penn said. "It had a profound effect on my life, and I would do it again in a heartbeat."

    Last summer Del Mar resident Christena Ferran was selected by the children of the "dad," although the two never were hitched. So how seriously did Jennifer Okland and her sisters take their assignment?

    "Me and my sisters were definitely trying to find the best person for my dad," Jennifer said.

    Great grammar that Jennifer has... "Me and my sisters..."
    Try "My sisters and I"...

    Noting another surprise... Machel says she would do the show again... hey anything for camera time, I guess, 'cuz she ain't getting any outside of the show that I have ever seen.
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    Denverpost.com... curious fact about Marilyn...


    Scroll about 2/3 of the way down:

    And some beautiful women are still trying to win the heart of Denver's Frito-Lay deliveryman Marty Okland on "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?" (9 p.m. Mondays on Ch. 9) - including Marilyn, a Denver woman who used to date a local TV sports anchor and had a job that was a lot more revealing than her current gig as a beauty expert.

    hmmmmm.... wonder what she used to do that was so revealing.... hmmm

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    "Just doing the show you never know who you are"?!?!?! What does that mean? I'm hoping it was misquoted or something. I seem to always know who I am, no matter what I'm doing, or no matter where I am, for that matter!!!!

    And, please, the grammar -- as I was reading the article I was cringing -- "me and my sisters" ---aaaaccckkkk!

    Oh yeah, BTW, I'm from the SD area, too, and Michael Tuck resembles a shorter version of Alec Baldwin -- the sort of severe, hair-sprayed look. They probably fought over the mirror a lot!
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