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Thread: 7/5 Screen Caps

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    Danger Bunny

    7/5 Screen Caps

    So here we go, I hope this works. I've figured out how to include images so now the question is [RHETORICAL]should I include snarky comments?[/RHETORICAL] Of course I should! I just hope I don't go too far :-)

    So let's start with a look at the cougars ladies that are left.

    First up is Suzanne in a stunning black and white (is that leather?) bondage inspired top.

    Then there's Nicole who I think just sat on something nasty...

    Tammy -- looking quite blurry in this shot with her 3 foot long neck.

    Stacy -- breath out Stacy, you have to breath out too...

    Melanie -- It's called food, you should look into eating some occasionally.

    Marilyn -- showing more cleavage than the Grand Canyon.

    And last I love her but not least I really do love her is no seriously, I love her Sharon.

    In a preview of upcoming events we see... The Claw, The Claw.

    OK, no one beleives that's a legal license plate do they?

    "You just take it and put it in there".

    It's Rin Tin Tin, the Super Mutt. At least someone on this show had some personality and talent.


    "Ewwww, dog spit!"

    The worlds loudest fax machine!

    "Look how big my shotgun is"

    "See how much my shoulder hurts?"

    "Giving of yourself, ugh".

    "I said wait up, #%$#@$#@"

    "I have one more thing for you to do before I launch my plan for world domin... nevermind."

    "Do you want to be on a cheesy reality TV show?"

    "The lady who will be going home this evening is, [dramatic pause], Tammy".

    "Are you girls out of your minds?"

    The walk of shame...

    "Go Marty, Go! Go, Marty, Go!"

    "Mmmmm, catsup. Does this give you any ideas Marty?"
    "Yah, but they're all gross".

    "Ow! Right in my eye!"

    "I'm not really a delivery guy, I'm an actor".
    "yah, whatever".

    The Evil Fax Machine of Death!

    This is possibly the worst thing that ever jump out of a cake...

    "My girls are insane, Sharon would definately have given it up".

    The walk of shame, part duex.

    I'm a justice of the peace, guess what. When we said the show was called Who Wants to Marry My Dad, we were serious.

    "Actually get married!"

    "Actually get married!"

    "Actually get married!"

    "Actually get married!"

    "Actually get married!"

    "Actually get married!"

    "Actually get married!"

    "Actually get married!"

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    On the mat
    Tammy can get blurry for me anytime. Rwowr.

    Thanks for the caps!

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    FORT Fan who_me?'s Avatar
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    Thanks Dangerbunny - I missed the show last night - the pictures are definitely appreciated!

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    I like them silent WomynLee's Avatar
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    Danger Bunny, that is too funny! Thanks for the pics and caps. I like to see them
    "actually get married."

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    Thanks for the photos! They are great!!

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    Cy Young 2010 Mariner's Avatar
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    Those are awesome Danger Bunny!

    Fax Machine of Death

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    Thanks for the pictures!
    Is it me, or the 10th picture down of Nicole, she looks like an older version of Jennifer Aniston?

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    Diet Coke Addict Dicechick's Avatar
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    OK - the screen caps have been up and I can't believe there aren't any speculations as to whose claws - er um, nails - are in the screen cap with the ring!!
    I am not really good at that sort of thing - I would end up making myself crazy. Anyone game??
    I just hope it is Stacy. She has been my favorite from the first night.
    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!!

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    Thanks for the pics Danger Bunny! The bikini photo of Melanie is positively frightening. She must be on a ketchup-only diet.

    Which woman is doing the "gag me" motion? I thought that was pretty rude.

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    That would be Stacy doing the "gag me" motion.

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