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Thread: song title?

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    song title?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if any of you know what song was played in last night's episode when Tammy left? It was a really beautiful song and I just wanted the title and artist name. Thanks! -Nichole

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    I really liked it too

    but everyone is commenting how sappy the music is. I guess I must like sappy music! I emailed NBC and if I hear back from them I'll post it here

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    I can't help you out on the title or artist but I can say that I enjoyed it too. Sappy music is my favorite kind.
    Glad to see you both here. Have fun!!

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    I'm glad I tape this show to watch late at night, so I can fast-forward through all the songs. I listened to about half of it on the first weeks show before my brain kicked in--this is tape, skip it! I haven't forgotten since. The music on this show is 100% not my style at all!
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    Thanks you guys for replying, and please post if you hear anything from NBC

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    Song title

    No problem, but after listening to the music tonight (which was awful I thought :-) I wonder if these are actually real songs. Or if they have someone kind of doing a "soundtrack". Anyway, I'd be interested if anyone knows this answer because I did a pretty exhaustive search for the clips of lyrics from that song when Tammy was leaving and found nothing. (I have TIVO so I saved it).

    I will post if I hear anything though.

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    and another good song..

    The song that was played in last night's episode when Nicole was eliminated was a good one, too, and I did notice that it seemed to be the same voice of the person who sang the other song I was wondering about, so maybe it is someone singing a sort of soundtrack like you suggested. Well, if you hear anything back form NBC, please let us know Thanks!

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