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Thread: Favorite's to this point?

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    Well one of my picks were eliminated tonight.. so I am still sticking with Marilyn and Suzanne, however I think Marilyn is the girl for Marty.. JMO.

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    I like Marilyn and Suzanne - I believe Marty would be thrilled with either one. Although I think he's leaning towards Marilyn.

    But let's remember, the girls pick the finalist and I still think Stacy could win it.

    I still think Melanie is forgettable and she and Nicole at best could be buddies with Marty.

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    My pick....Marilyn! From his reaction when she came out in the wedding dress! She may not be as elequant in speaking but she really seems sincere! and she is definately a beautiful woman!

    She is from Denver, Co and he is from a small town north....is also an Esthetician...no wonder she has such beautiful skin!

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    I liked Marilyn from the very first show. I thought she was really pretty and really nice.

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    I like Marilyn best also, but I think the daughters will go with Stacy or Suzanne. I base this on the fact that they have chosen Marilyn twice as a least compatible with Marty, even though they have ultimately eliminated the other girl. I think they feel comfortable with Suzanne and think she would be best with their dad.

    I am of the opinion that his personal favorite is Marilyn, but it may just be a physical attraction on his part. She appears to be his type (he likes brunettes) and she is beautiful with a great body.

    Suzanne has seen too much sun and may be in her mid forties as opposed to 38. But being a sun bunny can do that to your skin. However, she does have a vivacious personality and she and Marty seem to be very comfortable with each other. She also is a favorite of the girls.

    Stacy - she is just too aggressive and controlling. She is attractive, but something about her turns me off.

    Right now, I would say Suzanne will be the one the girls will choose (but it won't last).

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    Hi I'm new....first post.........

    I'd say Marilyn or Suzanne, of the two though, I think he and Suzanne have the most chemistry.

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    I'm all for Marilyn!

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    From the one episode I've seen.. I'm cheering for Marilyn.

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    Put me on the Marilyn bandwagon.

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    I am still a fan of the dog.

    Okay, okay... I'll just go with Marilyn, too.
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