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Thread: I'm having a blonde moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vavoom
    (and any other half-way decent dating reality show, since I am now a true addict!)
    Try Outback Jack on TBS - it is a lot of fun and the lead guy is a cutie-pie, and quite charming. He loves blonds.
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    who they boot out...

    Hey Charity,
    I think it is Talky Tammy. BUT, and this really is the key...I do not believe that the person Marty was talking about is for THAT person. Bachelor played a LOT of games with scenes, mixing up the voiceovers, and I think that is the same game. I could be wrong, but there is no love loss for Tammy that I can see. I think the producers will talk the girls into keeping ShaRON for laugh effects, too.

    I will need to go re-check the tape again, but it just does NOT make any sense to me that he would get upset over Tammy. There was no chemistry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lil'olme
    I am brunette... crap... I have no excuses. I simply say... "I am just stupid."
    Nah, use the "brain cramp" excuse. It works every time.
    Seeking form amidst the void.

    But if that's not possible, gimme a Margarita...shaken, not stirred...and hold the salt, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lil'olme
    I agree. I am 40 and have NEVER bleached my hair. I so prefer my healthy, long locks. Thank you GOD for no grays...yet. (Tomorrow I will probably wake up looking like Barbara Bush.) NO! Anything but THAT.
    I too have to just say " I'm stupid, whaddaboutit?"
    Hey, the gray's not so bad; look at that Fossamax (? osteoporosis drug) with all the foxy older ladies! I'm having to go for that effect because my original really dark color would look really fake at my age; plus I'm too contrary to dye my hair, I've decided I like the color!
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    qb, no one ever uses their natural color. They always select some totally unbelievable shade. I have a friend in her 70's. She has kept her hair the exact color of a caramel apple for all the years I've known her. Gets it done at a salon too. It screams FAKE from a block away. Has anyone in real life ever had caramel colored hair?
    Most of these women just run together in my mind. I am hard put to differentiate one from the other. If Marty went into this wanting a bleached blonde with store bought boobs who lives in a gym, he's come to the right place. I just hope he can afford household help because they won't have time.

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