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Thread: Reality show to include area woman (Machel Penn)

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    Reality show to include area woman (Machel Penn)

    Reality show to include area woman

    Actress and model Machel Penn, niece of Bill and Jan Harman of Arma, will be appearing on "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?," a reality show airing at 9 p.m. today on NBC.

    Penn was chosen from 3,000 contestants to be one of the final 13 women to appear on the show.

    Penn's modeling and acting career began in high school in the Springfield, St. Louis, and Kansas City, Mo., areas.

    She has appeared on numerous television shows, including "Married with Children," "Life Goes On," and Leslie Nielsen's "TV Comedy Classics."

    She was the featured actress in "The Shining Blood," an independent film that appeared on Showtime in 1991.

    Her television commercials have included a national St. Ives Apricot Scrub ad.

    She has been the model for magazine advertisements appearing in Mademoiselle, People, Good Housekeeping, and Cosmopolitan and newspaper advertisements for The Jones Store in The Kansas City Star.

    Penn was the keynote speaker at the annual Marshfield (Mo.) High School academic banquet in 1998.

    She wrote, directed and stared in the play "Carried Away (with George)" at the Melrose Theatre in Hollywood, Calif., on Oct. 20, 1998.

    She has authored a book, "Montana Blue," and has a line of inspirational greeting cards which she has painted and designed. They feature her basic mottoes for life, "Dare to sail the impossible dream" and "On the other side of your fear is the unattained dream."

    Penn and her son, Jackson, live in San Diego. She is the daughter of Bill and Micky Kay Penn. Bill Penn works in sales at Don Vance Ford in Marshfield, and Kay Penn is a resource learning disabilities teacher at Willis J. Ezard Elementary School in Conway, Mo.


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    I thought she had the model/actress vibe going. I have her pegged for this season's Christie (was that the beauty queen's name?).
    Seeking form amidst the void.

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    Sounds to me like an actress who never really made it.... But then again, I guess there's thousands like that out there...

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    ....keynote speaker at high school academic banquet -- is that like almost-validectorian of her high school??

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    Pretty impressive resume. Unfortunately, she is a blonde and we all know daddy likes brunettes.

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    Yeah, but is she a "true blond"?

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    Hello to Machel from a very old friend

    Congratulations Machel! It's great to hear of your recent success. I haven't seen you or spoken to you in years. We became acquainted in the summer of 1989 when you lived in Kansas City. You were friends with Jennifer, and you dated a guy named Jeff. A tragedy befell me that summer, and although I saw you some time later, we never kept in touch. I am thrilled to know that you have been doing what you love to do. And, congratulations on having a son. For me, I now live in St. Louis, after having resided in Atlanta for some time. I too have a son, who is 3. I finished my PhD, and also love what I do. Well, enough rambling. I wish you the very best of luck. Take care.

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