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Thread: Marty Okland, the "Dad"

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    Marty doesn't need to have money for his kids to go through college. There are loans, scholarships, and work study available to put anyone willing to study through college. Maybe in the 50's only one child could be put through college, but now anyone can do it because it is not dependent on parents anymore.

    I have to say I am baffled that the girls keep asking if the women would pay off their loans. The girls have graduated, and they should be fully able to pay off their own loans, it is not their parents duty to pay them. I am hoping that they are asking the question only to find out who is truthful enough and has the spine to tell them to pay their own loans. Kind of a trap question, they are hopefully hoping for a "no" for that question, and so far the women have passed. If the girls are hoping for "yes", then all I have to say is .
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Heck last week they asked Marilyn if they could go on the honeymoon with them.. and she said No.. I was like well of course you cant go, what a stupid question!

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    Is that his house ?

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    No it's not Marty's house. At the end of the show there's a trailer saying that the Oklands do not live in this house.

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    I think hes genuine and he hates the elimination as much as the ladies. I really think he got upset when Melanie was voted off last night.

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    My girlfriends husband drives a truck for another company, not Frito. He is a salesman and makes a very good living. I sure wouldn't call them rich, but comfortable. I'd like to see Marty's real house. Just curious.

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    Even with the ladies left, I dont see what kind of house Marty lives in would make a difference. I think they genuinely care for him JMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvinReality
    I really like Marty. I've never watched this before but I've become addicted to it. I also find Marty really attractive.

    Marty's mom has joined the group... (just kiddin')

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    lol it would be hard to be marty's mom since i'm 18years old. eek! :rolleyes

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    hmmmm maybe Marty aint as old as.. he tells us .. just kidding

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