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Thread: Marty Okland, the "Dad"

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    Marty Marty..if you were half as smart ...

    as you are good at shooting skeets out of the sky... you'll know that Stacy cares about one thing only in this world, and one thing alone - farting ... Not you my friend. And definitely not staying together w/someone .

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    Marty Okland

    I just got the chance to see Who wants to Marry my Dad and I have to say, Marty is gorgeous! I watched it simply to see him. His eyes are beautiful and his smile was so warm. I wanted to see him happy at the end with the woman of his dreams, but was ill with the final outcome when they came back to say that things didn't work out for him and Stacy. My question is, is she crazy????

    Marty email me if you see this, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by realityNOT;985505;
    I live close to Longmont and read an article several weeks ago in the Boulder Daily Camera. If you google "Marty Okland Longmont Daily Camera" you will get the link to the article about his job.
    I know Marty, yes he does deliver chips to grocery stores, walmart, dollar general ect. in a frito Lay small truck. Not an 18 wheeler.

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