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Thread: 2:01 - The Maloneys (Jan. 20, 21, and 25)

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    Check out the post show spoiler thread Vicky. Welcome to the site

    In most of the reality shows we have a post show discussion thread opened after the show, where we mark it spoilers so our west coasters don't find out unless they want to. ( they usually
    do )

    Ha I wrote spolier .....Nevermind long story.

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    Thanks enygma! Sounds like a reasonable outcome for Stef. She could sweep the ring clean, right? OK, I'll stop now.

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    Ohmygod, I've been looking EVERYWHERE to find out who won! I forgot they changed the episodes to air on Saturday and I forgot to tape it... but that's AWESOME! I'm SOOO glad Chelsea won!! She was definitely my favourite!!

    I really wish I caught the episode though... =|

    Anyway, newbie here but I'm sure I'll be hanging around more often now that i'm hooked on this show! Haha...

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    anyone else want a spoiler? Truth about the girls: Shannon never hacked into bank accounts, Shannon is NOT a scam artist, Lisa never got a car from a bf, Chelsea never had 2 boyfriends who didn't know about each other(who really could on an island for that matter!), Tawny never rated her ex lovers (it really was a diary about encounters of people , but no ratings!), and Jackie never was involved in a CONTEST to hook up, she and her girl friends just had a fun time on a cruise. ALL in ALL, lie detectors LIE, remember people, these are people just like you and me with the same lives as you and me, so take all your bad stories, exagerate them and times them by 3 and then you get Meet My FOlks......hahahahahahahah, --this i heard from an inside source invovled with NBC

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    Hello Pink.

    I am sure things get exacggerated to the tenth degree. It's all about the ratings. Who wants to tune in and see a girl who never did anything bad....

    It's entertainment, and that's why I watch

    Abs, be sure to check back later, LG (I think it's her turn) will be writing a bitingly funny recap to which I will add very little

    It should be up later today or tomorrow morning.
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    furiously working on the recap right now

    Help fight cystic fibrosis or just learn more about it at the cystic fibrosis foundation website, www.cff.org and help give my little guy a better future.

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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say how much I hate this show. It has done nothing but cause problems for me. If anyone is ever asked to be on a realty tv show kick the person and run away as fast as you can. In case there has been some sort of discrepeny on what I said on the show I said shannon's freind was the one who hacked into my computer stuff shannon just read it afterwards when it was sent to her by her friend. Shannon is a great girl and this show has done nothing but hurt our friendship and cause nothing but negativity for both of us.

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    That sucks to hear that it's strained your friendship, Dominic. There's definitely a risk when you go on a reality show - you're at the mercy of the producers.

    I hope you guys patch thing up. It's not worth fighting about, for the long term.

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    Thats the one thing that sucks about reality shows, especially the ones that have over zealous producers/directors.
    Adding bits and pieces on to the truth, which MMF seems to be really bad for, is worse than lying. If it's a lie- at least you can flat out say it's not true. If it has parts of truth its much harder especially with a lie detector strapped to you.

    For the record I would have read the e-mails too . Not too many wouldn't have given the oportunity.She was just made to look like a crazy person by the editors.

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    Where can i get the pictures from the show "meet my folks"??

    Please anyone send me links for the pictures on the The Maloneys Pictures... im looking for specifics pictures that i want to have it... THanks

    Brian... where u get these pictures?

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