NBC has announced they are casting for a second series of Who Wants to Marry My Dad?

The NBC page

The application form for the Kids

The application form for the women

The application form for Dad


How to Apply:
Applying for Who Wants to Marry My Dad? begins with 3 steps:
1. Making a 5-minute personal videotape
2. Complete a written application, which must include a recent photo and a signed background authorization form.
3. Send the package to our casting team.

1. Making Your Videotape
Making a videotape to audition for the program is very easy. We can only accept VHS tapes, so please only use a video camera. Make us a 5-minute tape that explains why you, or you and your family would be an excellent candidate for Who Wants to Marry My Dad?. Be creative, show us your personality. Tell us who you are and what makes you (and your family, if they're applying too) unique. Most importantly, be yourself! Make sure we can see and hear everyone involved clearly. You need to be able to speak comfortably from your position without turning away from camera. The light source should be in front of you so that everybody is well lit and nobody is in the shadows. Do not shoot in front of sliding glass doors or large windows. Make sure that there is more light in front of you than behind you. Look into the camera's viewfinder: if you can't see clearly, we won't be able to either. Sometimes the camera picks up shadows you wouldn't notice unless you were looking through the lens.

Start the tape with a full body shot or if your family is applying, have each member of the family, one at time, stand full frame (shoes to hair) in front of the camera. All family members should do a full turn in front of the camera from this standing, full body position. Then zoom in on each person so that we can see you from the waist up. Please introduce yourself, one at time. Smile into the camera and say your name, age, height, occupation and hometown. After all of the full body introductions are done, sit down and arrange the camera so that all members of the family are visible in frame from waist to hair. Look into the camera's viewfinder to make sure everyone is in frame. Explain why you, or you and your family would be an excellent candidate for Who Wants to Marry My Dad?. We want to hear from everyone. If you have something to say - say it. Walk us through your home or show us some of your hobbies so that we get a sense of a typical day in your life. Have fun with it. We are not looking for "perfect" contestants - we are looking for interesting people with good personalities. So be yourself, be honest and smile! Label the tape with the names, ages, addresses and every phone number of everyone applying. We can only accept VHS tapes.

2. Filling Out Your Application:
Click here to download the application(s). Applications should be completed and signed by every person who is applying to be on the show, either as a single or as a family member. Include a recent photo: Please enclose a recent personal photo of every person applying to be on the show with the application. Make sure your photo(s) are clearly labeled with name(s) and phone number(s) on the back.

3. Sending Your Package
Please Label Your Package and send it to:

Who Wants to Marry My Dad? Casting
1438 N. Gower - Box 10
Los Angeles, CA 90028

To review, here is your "To Do" List:
1. Make a 5 minute videotape
2. Label the tape with the name(s), age(s), address(es) and phone number(s) of everyone applying for the show (i.e., you and/or your family members.
3. Download and complete the application form, which should be completed by everyone applying to be on the show. Be sure to include the photo(s).
Please note: Application materials will not be returned. Limit: One application package per person/family.

Thanks! We look forward to meeting you.