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Thread: Marry My Dad - Doomed Demographic?

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    Marry My Dad - Doomed Demographic?

    I just read the recent interview with Don. I had no idea he lived in Ohio! There was a blurb in there about Christena living in San Diego and not being ready to uproot her teenage sons, and Don not being able to relocate because of his company. This got me thinking that the reality dating show just isn't a good option for the age demographic in MMD. By the time most people are in their 40's, they are pretty much settled into one place, with kids in school, jobs, businesses, friends, family, etc. It's one thing for the childless 20-somethings without many strings to consider moving across the country to be with their on-air love, but I think the couples outside that 20-something range just don't stand a chance unless they coincidently live in the same area.

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    I agree, JulieC. At the very least, all contestants should have been asked "Are you willing to relocate if you should win?"

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