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Thread: 8/18 MMF--Say What?

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    8/18 MMF--Say What?

    OK, am I the only one who was confused by the difference between the previews last week and what actually aired this week?

    Didn't the previews show something about doing shots off someone's stomach and the mother watching and telling the daughter they were leaving right now?

    None of that happened on the show that I watched tonight.

    I liked tonight's show and was quite touched by the whole thing with what's her name with the past and Giancarlo's sensitivity and all of that, but it was so totally different from what was advertised.

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    It was completely different, and I can't explain the ads, but my theory about why the scenes about the moms of the girls secretly watching was because they edited this episode from 60 minutes to 50 minutes to account for FLOM and then did us the great disservice of focusing on the sad aspects of it. Not going to be easy to recap this damn episode.
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