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Thread: Who Wants To Marry My Dad? - Finale - "And the winner is..."

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    Amanda, thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for recapping this for me. You did a fantabuloso job and I am much indebted to you. I would never have guessed you didn't watch the show. I luckily got to watch the finale in a hotel *cough* motel in Rivere du Loup, Quebec, Canada. I'm glad Christena was picked. She was my favorite for Don since the beginning.
    Who shot who in the what now?

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    I go to school with both of Christena's kids, so I was rooting for her all along and I'm very glad that she won! Maybe I'll be seeing Don around my school now......

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    I am glad Christy got the boot
    I am so happy for Don
    And Was it only me or did Heidi get alot of airtime?

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    Very funny, informative recap, Amanda! I only watched one show myself, so your recap allowed me to get some chuckles without having to watch the whole, sorrowful series. Great line about the 50 percent versus 100 percent. I think if you sign up to find a spouse on TV, you're not expecting to get the 100 percent unless you're stupid ....From your excellent recap, I can guess that the 50 percent Don really wanted was forced to walk away in the finale. That didn't stop Don from wanting to cop a kiss from her before proposing to Christena--What a classy guy

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