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Thread: Our Interview with Christy

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    Our Interview with Christy

    A few days ago, Greenie had the pleasure of doing an interview with Christy. We decided not to publish it until after the show last night, and Greenie's on vacation right now. So, here's the interview she did! Thanks, Christy!


    I had the pleasure of interviewing Christy on the Wednesday before the
    finale. She was a pleasure to talk to and very honest in her answers.

    How did you hear about the show?

    I attended a super motocross competition in Dallas with my sons and while
    talking to friends, some NBC casting people approached me and asked me if
    I was single, if I was a mother, how old my kids were, and asked me if I
    would come with my children to be put on tape. Apparently, they were
    considering a show "Who wants to date my Mom?" but my children were too
    young to interview potential suitors. I heard back from them when they
    started casting for "Who wants to marry my Dad?" I was very, very
    reluctant to do the show. I spent over two weeks contemplating whether to
    do it or not. I'd go back and forth between yes and no, talking to my
    parents and the producers frequently. Finally, my older brother convinced
    me that the five hours of exposure would be beneficial for someone like
    myself who is looking to host their own television show (which I'd done in
    the past but because of my children haven't as much recently), and I
    decided to do the show.

    Were you looking for Mister Right when you decided to go ahead and do
    the show?

    I would love to find my Prince Charming. Someone who would be a wonderful
    male adult for my children. I had just ended a serious relationship right
    before the show came along and it was very difficult to move along. The
    show provided me the chance to do so.

    How has the show affected your life?

    I'm extremely sensitive and the show has been hard to watch because so
    much was left out. The viewing audience doesn't get to know everything
    that went on. You're cut off from the rest of the world completely for so
    long -- no phone, television, or newspapers. Your only contact is with
    this wonderful family, these amazing other women, and the crew and
    producers. It's hard to explain unless you experienced it yourself. I
    relied so much on Cynthia and Lori for guidance and advice. You would
    think we would be competitive, but we weren't. So much of what I said to
    the kids and to the other women about my children and family was never

    Do you think the editing portrayed you in a true manner?

    I'm a huge fan of the producers and I know their job is to provide
    entertaining television, I just wish the audience heard more of what we
    said. In the last episode when the children asked why they should choose
    me, I spoke for nearly fifteen minutes but they only showed ten seconds.
    I did say the things they showed, obviously, but they choose and edit what
    you say to fit a particular story line, and it's unfortunate. We were on
    somebody elses turf, it was hard to relax and be yourself. I was nervous
    all the time. Camera's in your face, not wanting to say the wrong thing,
    sometimes you'd say something just so there wouldn't be dead air.

    The show made it seem as if you weren't close with the other women in
    the house. How would you describe your relationship with the other

    One of a kind. If nothing else had occurred from me being on the show my
    fondness and friendship for Cynthia and Lori is more than worth it. I
    still keep in touch with both of them.

    How was your relationship with the kids?

    They were kind and sensitive to everyone. They truly seemed to want to
    get to know everyone equally. It had to be hard on them. My intention
    was to see if their Dad and I had any kind of connection before putting
    myself out on the line with the kids.

    What was your relationship with Don really like?

    It was hard to develop any kind of relationship in that type of
    environment. I was very conscious of the other women being aware of me
    being alone or off to the side with him. It was important to me to be
    friends with and support the other women. There was one or two of the
    women who would do things covertly, but it was a game so it was
    understandable. For instance, the kids had mentioned that their mother is
    a great practical joker, and that they really enjoyed that about her. So
    then one of the girls started playing practical jokes on the kids by
    putting rock salt in their beds and squirting whip cream in the boys ears,
    but of course none of this was on camera. So there is a lot the audience
    didnít see or that the kids didnít see.

    Speaking about your most intimate private emotions publicly in front of
    the object of your affectionís children was so hard for me to do. Iím
    really very private when it comes to those kind of emotions and I donít
    express myself clearly.

    How did you feel about the polygraph tests?

    I was comfortable with that because I knew I was going to tell the truth
    no matter what. But there are times when the interpretation of the
    questions means two very different things. Like they asked me the
    question ďWould you still marry our dad if he gained 50 pounds?Ē I took
    that as if he gained 50 pounds surely there must be something very wrong
    and we would need to fix that before we got married. So I said ďNoĒ. But
    to them it sounded like that if he gained that weight I wouldnít love him
    anymore, and thatís not what it meant.

    So did you end up falling in love with Don?

    I donít think that I could fall in love with Don in that short of time
    period and under those circumstances. I believe there was a potential for
    that under normal circumstances.

    How did you feel about building a relationship in this fantasy
    situation knowing that you would have to go back to real life?

    I donít know if I ever really thought that through. I kind of took things
    step by step. I would see if he and I had an interest in each other, and
    then express that to the kids somehow, and then have him propose. And
    then when the next step occurred I would have focused on that.

    How old are your kids?

    12, 10, and 7. My kids would have just loved his kids. I think they
    would have been really fun together. I think the age difference would
    have meshed well.

    How have your boys felt about you being on the show?

    They were very excited. I spent a lot of time talking to them about it.
    They knew that in the end that if there was a proposal that it was
    something that would take a while to develop, and I wouldnít run off and
    get married without giving the boys time to meet Don and the family. They
    are very savvy because they have grown up with reality TV, and they kind
    of get it that itís not real.

    What was your most embarrassing moment?

    I wouldnít say that I was ever that embarrassed. But now watching it, I
    wish I had saved any kissing for off camera.

    Before going on the show, had you already decided how you were going to
    handle that?

    I purposely was going to avoid any nighttime intimate moments. I donít
    know if you remember when we had some alone time and we were in the pool,
    I was so glad that I could make it into an activity instead of sitting in
    the hammock or a lounge chair all cuddled up. Somehow with the
    producerís encouragement we ended up a little closer than I was
    comfortable with.

    Right. Before that it showed that you said to Kathy that you werenít
    going to kiss him. . .

    Yeah I told myself I wasnít going to, but there was a little nudging to
    kind of raise the romantic bar so to speak. I definitely would have done
    things differently in my own life.

    So if you had an opportunity to do this all over again would you do

    I would definitely do it differently. I would love for this to turn into
    some sort of spin-off. I think itís fun and it gets great ratings. Itís
    such an interesting study on social behavior. I was surprised at how
    really wonderful some of those women were. Iím not sure if I did it again
    with another set of women that I would be so lucky.

    Well thatís pretty much all the questions I have. Thank you so much
    for your time!

    It was great talking to you. Bye!

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    Great interview Greenie.

    I think Christy came across very well.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Great interview Greenie.

    I liked the explanation of the 50 pounds thing because it seemed weird how many of her polygraph answers contradicted one another.

    She's a beautiful woman and seems genuine and nice. I wish her and her family the best.

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    I thought Christy seemed like a good-hearted person, even though sometimes she came across as being a little materialistic.

    From this interview, she does seem like a really nice person. Thanks to Christy for doing the interview. Good luck to her and her boys.

    Great job, Greenie!

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    They obviously look for characters on a show like this.
    Don being a wealthy man has no doubt attracted "gold-diggers" in the past so I imagine the show was looking to portray one of the ladies at least as being that type of person.
    A few of Christy's comments during the show made it pretty easy for the producers to cast her in that role.

    There were times when Chrsity was speaking to the kids that she came across as being such a nice person, warm and kind-hearted.

    Hopefully Christy will soon find someone to share her life with.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    she doesnt seem like such a wierd person after al.

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