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Thread: The real reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by stebo
    To be fair, Christy has two boys as well.

    She has 3 boys, but their father is very well off and I doubt support for Christy's kids would be an issue.

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    I would assume that Chritina's ex is well off as well. She stated that she has never dated someone that had money problems and that she has never dated a man that mde less than $50K a year. Did I mis some sort of interview that would speak to the contrary? I never considered money to be an issue for any of them. Even the poor one, Morticia Addams... err... Cynthia ddn't have a money issue because she would have been just as happy with a poor man as a rich man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stebo
    The girls never gave Christy a chance in my opinion. She was constantly trying to prove herself to them and they were just jealous that dear old dad paid more attention to Christy then them.
    How can you say that they never gave Christy a chance? That is not true. They wanted to get rid of her earlier in the show, but kept her longer instead, and at some point, they even began to like her as a person. (of course, then she would open up her big mouth and say something stupid and ruin it). However, I'm glad she didn't win, I couldn't stand her fakeness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingvee
    The guys had no balls to see that their dad wanted and lusted for Christy, so what, he's paid his dues, he raised 4 kids, they seem to be very well off, let him enjoy his life.
    In the end the guys voted for a decent step-mom and avoided the risk of a gold digger instead of giving dad what he wanted and deserved, some quality leg for the rest of his life.

    As for the girls, they were just disgusted that dad had the hots for the beauty queen. "Eewe, Dad, you acting like a horny old man" You don't say? Thank God for Viagra. LOL
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    I really don't see any reason for either of the girls to be jealous of Christy.
    Karla has a hot hubby and a lovely baby and Heidi is very attractive.

    I think their concerns about Christy were very valid (from what we got to see on the show).
    Editing may well be to blame, but she did appear to be more interested in winning than in winning Don, to me at least.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    You know--if Dad wanted Christy and didn't want Christena, he could have said so. The kids asked him point-blank, more than once, and in different ways/scenarios which woman he preferred. He had split feelings. The kids made the rational choice--to pick the one he thought he had more in common with for the long haul, not the immediate. For those of you who are married, isn't that the better way? The kids tried to protect their Dad from an affair/marriage that burns out.

    The argument that the kids picked Christena because the girls were jealous of Christy and the boys were spineless is shallow and simpleminded. The girls and the boys all wanted the best for their Dad.

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    During my surfing, I found that Don Mueller is 48 -- not 50 something as some have surmised. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, actually suburb called Glendale and drives a Range Rover, not a Ferrari.

    His children did what they were expected to do -- chose someone as a potential marriage partner for their father.

    I haven't been able to find much information on Christena other than she is an Event Planner and Model. She seems geniune and while I'm skeptical about marriage since she lives in San Diego -- who would give up that climate for Cincinnati? Anyway, I think they made the best choice because....

    Christy Fichtner- Miss USA 1986 - Age 40

    Her reasons for doing the show were to "jump start her acting career."
    Nuff said about her true motives. But to be fair, apparently she is from a wealthy family (regardless of her ex-husband's earning power and child support). When she lost the Miss Universe Pageant as first runner up, she left Panama in her family's private plane. So unless they have fallen on hard times, she doesn't need Don's money -- and is he all that wealthy anyway? Don't see jer relocating from Texas to Ohio, either.

    Decent enough show, I still can't believe I watched every episode, lol.

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    The real reason they picked Christena instead of Christy was because Christy said she would not sign a pre-nup. Bottom line. The father and Christena didn't look relaxed, they seemed awkward and uncomfortable, but that could be because of the cameras. He had more chemistry with Christy. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they broke off.

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    Christy came off as phony and manipulative. I think it's interesting that she said in her interview that she didn't fall in love with Don although there was "potential". So much for the lie detector.

    Of all the kids, Karla was the smart one. Maybe it's because she's married and mom, but she knew the true ingredients of a lasting marriage. She wasn't fooled for a minute by Christy. Heidi fluctuated. And the boys were just seeing it through the eyes of horny young men, thinking that's all their dad needs in life, rather than a sincere, caring woman.

    But here's what I REALLY think happened: I think the kids were wise to Christy all the time. She was kept until the end because it made for good drama (prompted by the producer, perhaps?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by wendiness

    But here's what I REALLY think happened: I think the kids were wise to Christy all the time. She was kept until the end because it made for good drama (prompted by the producer, perhaps?).
    I totally agree. After all, she is the ONE who beat Halle Berry for the Miss Amercia crown. (did she return the original crown to next year's winner?)

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