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Thread: What are these kids thinking?!

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    What are these kids thinking?!

    I have a lot of distate for this show, it has disappointed me so much. I don't know what these kids are thinking! First of all, letting Lori and Cynthia go. Lori seemed like a genuinely nice person who was definitely not a golddigger, given she has her own money. Cynthia I wasn't a huge fan of, but between her and Christy, Cynthia is more of a real person with real feelings. Christy seems so fake to me, I can barely stand even her voice. She is just annoying.
    Also, does anyone remember the polygraph test given both to Cynthia and Christy? Christy's answers, whether truth or not, were negative, such as not marrying Don if he gained 50 lbs. Meanwhile, Cynthia was completely honest, and all her answers were positive. Yet they chose to keep Christy.
    God, someone PLEASE explain to me if anyone can see the logic in this??

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    I say they should ask the same questions to the women. I like Christena better than Christy. I think they should go with Christena however, I liked Lori and Cynthia as well...come on kids and please make the right choice pick Christena!

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    Whatever you think of Christy, keeping Cynthia was never a good option. This isn't "Meet My Folks" where the consequence is a long date--this is marriage. Cynthia was nice and people thought she was sincere. Great. But you can tell looking at his face that Don was just plain weirded out by her. And I can't really blame him. New Agism is great--it doesn't hurt anyone--but if one partner believes in it and the other just finds it weird? They ain't gonna hook up that successfully.

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    I agree Krom. Cynthia was nice, and I really wanted her to move on, but it was so obvious that Don wasn't attracted to her. Her new age stuff was wigging him out, imo.

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