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Thread: Check out this 8/10 article on Christy!! Very Interesting

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    Check out this 8/10 article on Christy!! Very Interesting

    Her hometown paper has a article/interview with Christy in their Sunday paper. I think it is very telling when she says "I didn't do it as a dating opportunity, I did it as a career opportunity." That convinces me that the kids chose Christena. They are all three supposed to appear on the Today show Monday morning according to this article.

    Check it out:


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    Well, you got that in one, mermaid.

    Assuming the lie detector doesn't lie, perhaps she really did like Don, though, no matter why she went into it. That would mean she's back-peddling in the interview. :-)

    Or she fooled the lie detector. People do.

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    Thanks for posting that link mermaid. I was surfing looking for more info on Christena (found zilch) and found lots of stuff, including that article on Christy and couldn't figure out which link was which, lol.

    Glad the kids were smart enough (I think the girls were, at least) to see through Christy.

    I found another article in which she talks about Halle Berry. Apparently, Halle was first runner up when Miss Christy won Miss USA. She said, somewhat nastily that she wouldn't trade her life for Halle's. They have taken different roads, ... editorial comment here -- I'll say ... and then she ends it with "she hasn't even had children yet."

    Me thinks Miss Christy is a bit telling in this interview about the type of person so is. Suffice it to say, children are great if you want them, and if you don't, that's great, too. Don't project your choices on others.

    The end result of this is that I doubt Halle Berry will ever have to do a dating show to "jump start" her career. Sour grapes Christy.

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