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Thread: Don is a good guy!

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    The question remains. Why did Don choose to appear on this show? Surely he doesn't have problems meeting women if he is such a great guy who is well off.

    If the women on the show are after his money it would not be surprising at all and I don't expect Don to be naive about it either.

    Everything on these shows (FLOM, Bachelor, Meet My Folks, Marry My Dad) is phony including the houses and everyone's intentions.

    There is no such thing as finding true love on TV! Everybody has an agenda.

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    I dunno 15 mins of fame? I dunno, well if none of these people work out I am sure there are PLENTY women in line to send stuff to his house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99_firebird
    my mom has worked for Don for almost 30 yrs now...I know him quite well....i grew up knowing him...I went to his wedding ....and I know his kids......none of those ladies are even compatible for don....they arent his type....hes a great guy...with the biggest heart a man could have...and such a good father to his kids....none deserve this man!
    Anyone know what his "real" life is like? i.e., is his home as exquisite as the one they show on tv? Will his fiance be disappointed he lives in Ohio, not California? Do the women know up front that the tv show has "planted" them in a different home than what they offer? IS he wealthy? Just wondering...

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    He lives in a "normal" home, he isn't rich although he owns a company with 22 employees, so I'm sure he makes a decent living.

    And yes, the women know that they're living in a television home.

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