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Thread: Eliminate Christy!!!

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    Eliminate Christy!!!

    I think the kids should dump Christy on the very next show!!! I believe that she justs considers Dad to be the "prize" and that she's not being very sincere at all. I think she's a money hungry tramp who doesn't like to lose.

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    She is really fake. I don't like her either. But look at what's left. Not much to choose from.

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    I agree...I hate the way she whines and pesters ...

    she wants to "win"...but what will she do?? I can not imagine her moving back to cinncinnati with don...and what about her 3 young boys?? If don is not into a "2nd" family how will they fit in?? especially if they are as pushy as their mom??

    I know the others have kids too, but maybe older, I had the impressions Christy boys were pretty young??

    JMO....get rid of christy...or we will have yet another winner who never goes to the altar haha

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    FORT Fogey wendiness's Avatar
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    I think there was mention that she was some sort of beauty queen once. I think she's still in that mind frame and her only goal here is to win.

    She's one of those "foot in mouth" people, however, who sometimes ends up saying what she's thinking and didn't mean to say out loud. Like the time in the pool when she said "if you don't choose me I'll pour this drink down your back." Just keep watching her -- she'll blurt out something else.

    I thought there was hope that the kids would boot her as they seemed turned into her motives. But then she had that one-on-one time with them and they got sucked in.

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    KevinColley#16 BST!!!!!!! Clayalltheway49's Avatar
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    get rid of Christy!

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    If only Halle Won.

    Christy has is a spoiled girl. She comes from a rich family and doesn't like to lose. As MISS USA she got to compete in Miss Universe, where she was first runner-up, well that REALLY upset her she gave the winner a hug (and she had to live with her for a year) then headed off back to the US on her family's private jet and skipped out on the winner's coronation ball. Some pageant girls are very nice and real, some are like Christy. Sad to say but its true. She is not a good example of what pageant girl should be. Beautiful to look at but thats about that.

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    No way! If I was dad, she would be quality leg for the rest of my days.

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    I've heard on Extra that Christy beat Halle Berry in the Miss USA competition. The thing about Christy is that she's polite, but doesn't seem as geinuine as
    Christena. Christena and Cynthia both made very nice speeches about how they're falling for Don 'n
    how they've grown so found of the kids. Christy? All
    she talked about was that she loved Don 'n gave him a smooch.

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