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Thread: Marry My Dad: Joe and Chris

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenie
    I noticed that too, fluff. Actually all the kids went there. Makes me wonder if Dad is on the board or something. . .
    When someone first posted the kids' brief bios, I noticed that all of them had graduated from the same Christian school, and that made me wonder if they were going to a church-related university as well.

    I looked up Liberty University, and it's a Fundamentalist Baptist university. Given the prior Christian school attendance, I just assumed that the kids went there because it fit in with the family's religious orientation.

    As for scholarships, why are people having a hard time imagining that Joe and Chris are good baseball players (that's what the scholarships were for)? Personally, I can totally imagine grabbing a bag of peanuts and watching the boys run around a baseball diamond .

    The whole religious school education thing really threw me though. Just looking at them, I would not have pegged this family as Fundamentalist Christians. The kids (especially Heidi in her sexy, skimpy clothes) seem way more worldly than any of Fundamentalist Christians I've known.

    I realize that (as with any group of people, there's going to be a range of styles), and I'm not someone who hangs out with lots of conservative Christians, so what do I know? Maybe they're typical. (I'm more of an alternative, freaky type like Cynthia, so of course I think she's pretty cool, but if Don is even sort of devout as a conservative Christian, there are going to be some major philosophical differences there )

    Also, if religion is an important part of Don's life (and his family's), I'm astounded that no one has even sort of quizzed these women about their religious beliefs. Don't you think that those questions might be more important in terms of actual marital compatibility than "will you make my dad do yoga?" or "would you give me a kidney if I needed it?" (not that those aren't important questions ).

    I don't know, maybe they wanted to ask questions along these lines and the producers wouldn't let them, because they thought it would be too controversial (hell, I'm a bit afraid of getting flamed for even writing this email making these observations). But seriously, don't you think having a somewhat similar belief system would be important to a family that seems to have surrounded itself with a pretty specific religious environment?

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    Miss Griss, excellent theorization. I wonder why, also, the children aren't asking the women about religion - it's one of the "big ones" that need to be decided before any serious relationship can proceed...along with kids, money, politics, and ensuring that the potential spouse is not a Tigers fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddiesleg
    Being a female, I agree and I'm old so I think the Dad is attractive, too. I'm just not into shaved head white men, somehow it doesn't seem to look as good as it does on men with some color in their skin. All his children are good looking. I'd like to see a picture of the ex-wife, I bet she is stunning, too. Oh, and I'd really like to see his real house, too.

    But all in all, they certainly found one of the most photogenic families to start this show.
    I know Don's ex-wife...in fact my older sister went to high school with her...she is beautiful...Heidi looks like her twin.....in watching the show tonight...I still think that none of these women are worthy of Don..he's been good to my mom whos worked for him for almost 30yrs...but Christie really bugs me...she isnt in this for the right reasons...I really hope she doesnt make it...and ive seen pictures of his real house....beautiful as well..I hopw they make a good decision for him...he and his children deserve that.

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    Hey! Ya I Agree I would wanna grab some nuts and watch those hotties run around those bases!! I find Chris a bit cuter than Joe tho!!! I think Heidi is very Pretty!! I luv her hair!

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