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Thread: Foxy Boxing At Its Best - Meet My Folks Dappers Part II

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    If I were Marco I'd be pissed at those parents...first of all, for naming him Marco, but mostly for their horrible choices on this show.

    You knoow Marco was hoping for Ana to get picked. She was amazingly hot. Sure, she didn't show any signs of intelligence, but that would make her ideal for this guy. Heck, she even cheated at school!

    Personally I liked Ana for her looks alone (those eyes!) and Taryn for her looks (reminded me of Jessica Alba) AND personality.

    The parents were stupid...they thought that because Taryn has a lot of guy friends she must be sleeping with them all. How dated its that concept? Some girls just get along better with guys than with girls. How many girls Taryn's age are big on commitment anyway? They're all still playing out their options. And there's no way Chelsea was a virgin.

    I think Chelsea wanted to quit the first time she did the lie detector. The parents seemed to want to keep her in the game just to torture her more. She seemed to be begging for the sweet release of not getting chosen the whole time until she was one of the last two left.

    I love how the parents believe the thumbs up or thumbs down from the lie detector guy as if his method were 100% accurate.
    I think he just decides at random what's true or false, or just tries to make the person look bad.

    Of course, after you learn all the bad news about these girls you're left wondering if it's ethical to send Marco on a trip alone with any one of them.

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    Yeah I was real disappointed with this ending too. The interaction between mom and dad seemed to indicate that mom has way too much influence here, and that dad is just along for the ride. The way he apologized to Marco before announcing the decision suggested to me that he went along with mom, but deep down had some problems with it.

    This was a case of them going with the underdog, and totally ignoring their son's feelings. Granted this is not the first time the parents chose someone that their child didn't want, but this was the first time (IMHO) that the parents overlooked someone that would have been a great match and date for their child. Mom seemed to be thinking more long-term with this choice. I wanted to scream at the TV, "Hey mom, he's 19, it's not like we're picking marriage partners here!" I thought Chauntal was a genuinely nice person and would have been really fun to be around in Greece.

    Since these are shows that mostly involve teens and early 20 somethings I try to not take them too seriously, because after all chances are they'll never see each other after the trip anyway, but I was really disappointed with this ending, and I would have liked to have spent some time yelling at mom and dad.


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