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Thread: Finale Episode Spoilers 04/14

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    Um ... if this was taped in December, then how did they have the "live" engagements in March?

    I feel soooooooo bad for Billie Jeanne. She irratated the hell out of me most of the time, but it was pretty intense seeing someone get their heart really broken. I wish she would get some good therapy and someday find a really good, true, patient man who loves her.

    It's very creepy how incestuous Jill's family seems. Dad drooling over her and cousin wanting to marry her. Blech. I like her mom though and wonder how she ended up marrying such a psycho.

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    Awww....I knew BJ would have her hearbroken, but I didn't expect Jill to be the one to say no. If anything, I thought it would be Kevin the one who said he needed more time.

    Jill and Kevin did the right thing, though. They seemed to have a good relationship but it needs more time to strengthen their ties. I'm happy that they decided to continue with the relationship outside of the show.

    I suspected that Tony would say no, but when Tony was saying his vows and got a little emotional, I thought,,"Oh my God, he's going to say yes!"

    Although, he did the right thing by saying know why couldn't he have broken it up the day before or even when he said his vows? He knew she was in love with him, and that she would be devasted at the altar. As wacky and crazy as she is, she was honest about who she is, and she didn't deserve this.

    During his vows Tony said he wanted to continue the journey with BJ. Why did he lead her to believe he would say yes? I wonder if the producers told Tony to continue with the charade until the very last moment? Anyway, I felt bad for Tony, too. But, I felt soooooo bad for BJ.

    At least, both couples did the right thing in the end, and FOX is the only one that came looking like a loser, imo.
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    I think the whole thing was fake. Why would Jill say all the things that seemed to lead up to her "I do", then change her mind? The same goes for Tony. I just feel they were all tipped off before and went along the way they did for drama, and to keep the audience in suspence. Now aren't I the cynic?

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    Originally posted by Deep Dish
    And were it not for the fact beer is holy to me, I'd go outside right now and try to recreate that "beer whip" effect he did. HTF do you throw a bottle in front of yourself and manage to soak your back at the same time?

    That was the best part of the show.

    I was sad that Billie Jean was hurt, but I think she is sooooo much better off without Tony. I think he is cruel. His comment last week about her winning the lottery was offensive. And then how he acted to her when she asked about the chicken tonight just shows him to be emotionally abusive and cold. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but that was really weird.

    I hope that Jill and Kevin can make it real. It was funny how happy their parents were that they didn't get married, though!
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    I thought that the way Tony treated Billie Jean by allowing the ceremony to go forward was remarkably cold and uncaring given that he knew she was so excited about it.

    I was also appalled by the way that the production team handled the reaction. don't be shoving a camera into the closet to get that crying shot in. Jeez... that was low, even by FOX standards, and it is hard to get lower than that.
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    I might be repeating what others have said. Billie Jean might have been emotive, dramatic, socially gregarious, but she was willing to be honest and trusting, even of a used car salesman and that's saying a lot. I do think she deserves a man who will treat her right. She may come off like a party girl, but she seems genuine. Like a few others have done, I cried for her. What could be more embarrassing than being jilted on national TV? I couldn't picture her as a young Miss Havisham, however. She won't get cobwebbed, knee-deep in her own wedding cake. Tony, though he had some good qualities, seemed to have concerns over his own faithfulness. He couldn't even stick to his decision to follow through on a wedding. The guy's a bottom-feeder.

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    omg, I felt so sorry for Billie Jean, but I was watching the "chicken fight" thinking that this relationship is never going to work. She is a party girl but she seems a good hearted sort that just needs a nice guy to take care of BUT the last thing she needs is a guy who doesn't love her. She is better off without Tony. It's not that Tony was a rotton person, he just wasn't into her. I was puzzled about the wedding, was that part of the contract to be into to this until the "I do or I don't" moment?

    I thought Kevin was going to bolt...his family just didn't approve of Jill. Smart lady to pick up the vibe and just end it. He did seem upset which surprized me because there were a few times he seemed ready to take off the night before. Maybe he decided to o through with it to keep from hurting her feelings.
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    OK, this is the only episode of the show I have seen. I'm not even sure why I watched.

    I guess I missed a lot of Tony, because I didn't think he was a bad guy at all. Billy Jean, however got on my nerves a tad.

    I thought the fight over the chicken was rediculous. What exactly did she want him to say?
    "Do you like Mozzerella cheese?"
    "Fine, don't tell me what you want, I'm trying to get dinner for US, not just me."
    "Make what you want"
    "It's not all about me" (when in my opinion it looked like it was all about her.

    Make the damn Chicken the way you want. He doesn't care about the chicken. He'll eat whatever the hell you make, and if he doesn't, you might as well enjoy the dinner.

    Did she really think he was going to marry her when after saying "I Love You' 5-6 times at dinner, he was very upfront saying he didn't love her.

    Yes, it would have been nice of him to tell her he was going to say no, and let her say it first, but she should have said no anyway, and they had NO CONTACT for a while before the wedding.


    Her bandana friend was something else. Who weas a bandana to a wedding?

    I actually liked Kevin and Jill as a couple, and hope they do try, and see what happens.
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    Originally posted by nlmcp
    I thought Kevin was going to bolt...his family just didn't approve of Jill. Smart lady to pick up the vibe and just end it.
    I was sure Jill would go through it, but after Kevin's brother backed out of the best man gig, she started having more doubts of being accepted by his family. His family obviously wasn't onboard with the wedding. I'm sured it pained her to say "no" at the altar, but she did the right thing. Now they have more time to get to know each other better, as well as, each other's families.

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    I really felt for Billie Jeanne. She was really out there with her emotions. I guess she said it best, that she wears her heart on her sleeve. I think it was so trashy of Fox to follow her into the closet after Tony gave her the boot. She was so totally destroyed. I hope she is able to get over Tony real soon and get herself some self esteem. Her antics throughout the series seem to have been a desparate cry for attention. She isn't too choosy about the way she seeks attention. I hope she will get therapy and learn to love herself a little more. Tony would not be the kind of guy to give her the validation she seems to need. He is sooo self absorbed. She would be good for him, but I don't feel he would be good for her. BJ should work on her issues before she involves herself with any one. She probably won't.
    As for Jill and Kevin, I can't say I blame Jill for saying no. Kevin has some issues of his own to work out before he walks down the aisle. I would think twice about marrying into either one of those familys. Jill's dad is a case, though the mom seems nice. Kevin's mom seems to be the cause of Kevin's issues. I don't think he has lived up to her expectations. Sometimes it is easier to fail until it becomes a pattern. People don't expect so much from you. Jill doesn't strike me as someone who would put up with good enough. I really don't see these two making it either. And Fox gets out of paying the prize money.

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