I know that BJ was devasted and it was truly hard to watch. However did we forget that Kevin was also left at the alter and didn't fall apart but took it with dignity?

Marriage is something most people think they are doing just once but statistic show that this simply isn't true. The divorce rate is at 57% which means that more than half the people getting married these days will be divorced at a later date. Its nice to see them placing so much emphasis on this but realistically they could be a statistic.

I, too, thought that this was suppose to be an arranged marriage which if it truly was - means that they would have married and we would have followed them maybe thru the first year together.

I admire Jill for saying not now and for Tony for saying the same thing. I really think that it was the executives saying that they couldn't express these thoughts before the wedding ceremony - to make better tv.

As for BJ's friend - he acted just like I thought he would - alot of passion and little class.