Even though I don't usually go all out for reality shows, for some reason this one really got me hooked but good. I've been all over it. However, I was away from home last night and taped the Vegas show but my lame vcr didn't adjust for daylight saving time like it was supposed to so I didn't get to see it. I was so horrified until I remembered that they replay it every Thursday. Except not this Thursday due to some 70's Show special. Now I'm horrified again. Did anyone tape this show and can let me borrow or buy it? I'm as desperate as Denise and twice as needy to see it. Especially before the finale next week. I would be much more thankful, nice and warm than Jennifer to someone if they could help me out. But I will draw the line at being as skanky as B.J. or Tony. Please email me at "rmattkorey@aol.com" if you can help me out. My jaw isn't as square as Kevin, but I do sweat cosiderably less when people ask me questions.