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Thread: Married by America: Episode Seven Recap

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    Deep Dish
    Great recap, Bill.

    I thought that part with BJ in the gown room was pretty touching too. Her excitement seemed genuine and full of life. I can totally see the spectrum of emotion and how it just poured out.

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    Foreshadowing is not just for Shakespeare

    I just got to read your great recap this morning even though I had seen the show earlier in the week.

    Your brought it back to me in every detail with your sharp wit and good eye for detail. Well done!

    originally posted by Bill
    It is Day 12, how do we know that? Well, the screen says so. So just ignore all of those other signs in the show so far that seem to say this is taking a lot longer than 12 days.
    Ain't that the truth?

    Breakfast at the ranch. In fact, the producers of this show are simply stealing a script from Joe Millionaire here. First the car, and now the pre-selection angst breakfast.
    As if things aren't tense enough, they have heightened the stress factor. FOX is so good at this. How can romance blossom when you are on tenterhooks the entire time not knowing who will ring your doorbell or question your integrity and goals? This show combines elements of "Meet My Folks" "Joe Millionaire" "The Bachelor" and the granddaddy of them all "How to Marry a Multi-Millionaire." I believe that one guy is responsible for creating at least two of these shows and he's the one getting rich.

    Billie Jean tells us that Jill asked to have a female stripper as well, and there she is! Jill, this isnít going to go over too well with Kevinís parents. Billie Jean partakes of a little whipped cream off of our latest participant, and then it is Jillís turn. Suddenly Jill decides that she probably shouldnít do that.
    What a hypocrite! I really felt sorry for Billie Jeanne at this point. Jill picked this moment to become Little Miss Priss. What was that about? We all know what you did before this, Jill.

    Later, Tony pulls the large breasted woman aside for a little kissing in the bathroom. Now, that is all we see, but her skirt is hiked all the way upÖ thank God for the fog lens hereÖ
    I too, suspect that Tony did a little more than check the stripper's tonsils, but we know that he will be a good boy from now on, don't we?

    Kevin, on the other hand, looked very uncomfortable while the stripper attempted to give him a lap dance. He means it when he says, "she won't be doing that when she's my wife" referring to Jill of course, not the stripper.

    I can hardly wait for the Grand Finale. FOX is very good at marketing these things so it looks like all hell will be breaking loose. We can surmise one thing, one or more people will walk away humiliated at the end.

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    Just my two cents worth:
    BJ and Toni are on a spring break but don't have to return for finals except at the alter. Then the real reality will set in. "What" says Toni, "We can't stay in the mansion?" And how will BJ ever remain in the spotlight? The two party kids will continue till one of them gets tires of real life.

    Jill and Tony. I'd hate the choice between the lovely Jill and her father. He would be a deal breaker for me. I'd have been as embarrased during the lap dance as Toni was. That's a major plus for their relationship. Especially since Jill went on the whipped creram free diet.

    I think the experts picked the best two couples.
    But what do we have left to look forward to?
    A wedding day fight?? 2 out of 3 falls for the flowers.

    Well my money is almost gone.
    My special thanks fo CaliGirl

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    Happy to help, mrscience.

    You are on a roll now!

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    Yes, I know it's Jill and Kevin NOT Tony

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    Sleeping with George W
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    It's very odd to me that Tony has the idea that it's ok to kiss someone else when you're engaged. That's a very strange and scary interpretation of what an exclusive relationship is all about. Run, BJ, run!!!!! This is NOT the guy who is going to give you that secure, safe, loving family you've wanted all your life. Not to mention this is the guy who is embarassed by your "wildness" in front of his sainted daddy, yet thinks nothing of making out with strippers on national television.

    Jill is the mother of all hypocrites. It's ok to lick cream off a male strippers nipples, but not off a female strippers stomach? I don't agree with BJ's assertion that Jill was not being "real" ... but it would piss me off too that Jill's trying to portray herself as a class act. And this is the woman who thinks posing naked in Playboy is a "badge of honor." Good lord!

    Billie Jeanne needs some extensive therapy before getting married to anyone, much less to weasle Tony.

    Kevin = dumbass.
    Last edited by Eden; 04-11-2003 at 11:10 AM.

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    The Recap is way better than the show Bill . I think I'll skip the finale and just read the recap...

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    Given the fact that the Vegas episode was designed to cater to temptations, I don't think anyone was expected to be on their best behavior. But, also given that the cameras were right there, it doesn't surprise me that the women played to the camera while Kevin backed away. The producers found a way to amp up the typical stripper visit by contracting out women who would do more than just dance and remove clothing. Making out for money is what a prostitute would do.

    Eden, I completely agree with your post. I don't think any of the above should get married. That Tony would kiss another woman while he was in a relationship is just outrageous. He's a bottom-feeder, as far as I'm concerned. Though, I've really grown to appreciate Billie Jean, as others have. She may be a whirlwind of emotions, but I think she's really committed to the experience and is learning a lot about herself. I think she may be in love with the idea of love, however, and only interested in Tony because he pulls away. Was it Ovid who said something like, love is fear of separation from the beloved? (Pessimistic view, but it still carries some truth...)

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    Excellent, excellent Bill.

    Loved it all.
    Great recap as always.
    Had me
    "That's Numberwang!"

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