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Thread: Kevin's Friend Robert -- Reality TV Incest

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    Deep Dish

    Kevin's Friend Robert -- Reality TV Incest

    This isn't monumental or anything. Maybe someone already brought it up. Or, I could be wrong.

    Robert, Kevin's friend, looks very familiar to me. Robert's the little guy with the goatee and earring. Have any of you seen the show on The Learning Channel called A Wedding Story?


    I'm convinced Robert got married on this show. I can't find jack to support this because the TLC website doesn't have a per couple breakdown by I did find this:

    Weddings also are the focus of Banyan Productions' "A Wedding Story," a weekday Learning Channel series that follows two couples tying the knot in the Wedding Capital of the World.

    Floridians Joan and Robert are set to wed Friday at The Venetian -- in part because they became engaged in the real Venice, according to Denise Cramsey, the show's executive producer.

    Before their nuptials, however, cameras will follow them on separate limousine rides Wednesday night -- he with his friends, she with hers -- to such nightspots as Studio 54 at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay's rumjungle, Cramsey notes.
    Taken from http://www.lvrj.com/lvrj_home/2001/A.../15865445.html

    If I'm right, what does this say about how casting for Married By America worked? Is there some incestous pool of reality tv people out there that apply en masse for every show? Is it just coincidence? Am I paying way too close attention?

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    you can fry an egg on the sidewalk
    I'm sure one show leads to another. I had a point in time before the evening reality shows...when I used to channel surf and stop at Jerry Springer but for a moment. I swore I'd seen the same people on SEVERAL times. Once as the incestuous daughter, another time as the prostitute for her pimp husband and so on.

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    Mike Boogie has got to be involved somehow...

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    Yes..Mike Boogie was a real different character.

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    Last DJ
    You are right. Springer's show and Sally Jessie Raphael's (sp) were both hit by an actors workshop group. Looking for show themes then developing characters to match.
    I'm guessing that many of the Reality stars have the same agent. Weren't three various contestants from the same bar in Texas that Brandon from Survivor worked at?
    Lex and Alex knew each other but prior to Survivor. The world is getting smaller and smaller.
    I do love a good conspiricy.

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