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Thread: Episode 6 - 3/31 Discussion *spoilers*

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    This show is kind of like looking into an open wound... you are grossed out but still curious and keep looking. UCK! this show is really really BAD. But I watched last night off and on, right up until the last 5 minutes.

    These people all are fakers, each with an agenda...

    Tony is a player, BJ is innocent with no morals and a confused sense of self, Jill is a slut with no brains, and Kevin is a wanna be (probably a geek as a child) (dont get me wrong I love geeks, its just that he wants to be the cool man so bad)

    Actors all of them... how can they do that stuff on TV?

    A for Denise and Steven, I must have missed something because I thought they were making progress? Can anyone clue me in?

    Is this show over next week? Hope so - I consider myself a liberal but I reinterate, UCK
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    How low can you go?

    originally posted by DD
    I have to question Jill's thinking that posing in Playboy is a badge of honor. I mean, Juggs or Schulmadchen, of course. But Playboy? There are hardly any pictures in it anymore. And a "special issue" no less -- the type you get as an incentive to subscribe along with a phone in the shape of a beer can. Oh that's right, she's from Long Island.
    This week's episode made me see everyone on this show in a different light, most of all Jill. What amazes me is that Jill's controlling father has the nerve to abuse Kevin and his family, yet sits under 'his own roof' in a wifebeater with his disgusting hairy back showing. He curses up a storm in front of Kevin's obviously conservative folks and then rudely stops Kevin every time he calls Jill "sweetie" no matter what the context.

    This Soprano wannabe is one disgusting man with virtually no self control. Apparently he is a lot more flexible when it comes to his own daughter's posing in Playboy. I wonder what kind of sick thrill he gets from paging through that 'special issue.' Oh ugh!

    My advice to Kevin -- RUN!

    Billie Jeanne is seemingly much more smitten with Tony than he with her. What does "somewhere between a girlfriend and wife" mean anyway? BJ's sailor mouth in front of Tony's dad and brother was inappropriate. She doesn't know where the boundaries are. It's not always cute to be a party girl. Sometimes you have to play grownup, BJ (hmmm).

    Duane might have been the token gay guy, but he was so rude and embarrassing on camera that he displayed as little self-control as Jill's father. Who does he think he is anyway? Was he going to hold on to Billie Jeanne for life?

    My advice to Billie Jeanne -- RUN (away from Duane)!

    Denise and Stephen were making progress -- at a snail's pace. Stephen seemed to rally at her family's home, but looking back on it, I think it was false bravado. Later, when he admitted to the odious Panel of Experts (!) that the chemistry was not there in the beginning, I thought "what a f***w**!

    Note to Ms. P: This show is not about YOU, and nobody believes that you would be chased by anything but a pit-bull).

    My advice to Denise -- RUN and get your self-esteem back!

    As far as next week's previews. I agree with Eden about the sleaze-o-meter needle going all the way to the right. The Vegas episode makes "Temptation Island" look like "Touched by an Angel."

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    The reply from USMCMUM said, "Well, I think Denise was a sweetie and that Steven was giving her big time mixed messages. "Ooooohhhh, I LOVE the school girl outfit!" And "We've been sleeping in the same bed for days". But, don't expect me to kiss you good night. I think the guy just wasn't ready for a relationship."

    I don't think that Stephen was sending mixed messages at all. I think his message was clear the whole time. HE DID NOT FEEL ANYTHING FOR HER, AND HE DID NOT HIDE THAT!!!

    Denise just REFUSED to see that. Stevie Wonder AND Ray Charles Could Even See That Much!!! :cool: :cool:

    Denise's neediness was scary! Had he been all over her like she was all over him......we'd all be flipping out!!! I was relieved for Stephen when it was all over, because he didn't know any chivalrous way up out of that! And I think you have to admit that the guy remained a gentleman throughout..........but he did finally take what was being, virtually, forced on him!!!

    This show is ridiculous anyway, and I KEEP WATCHING IT!!! :rolleyes:

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    Stephen is a jerk and Denise is dumb. Period

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    I thought Stephen sent Denise PLENTY of mixed messages! Just by the way he was willing to let it work, give it time....and then how he treated her when they were alone. When they were voted off the show, he acted almost liek it was a relief! I think Denise is better off in the long run without him. She'll do better.

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    Originally posted by WOLF74
    Man, Jill is one stuck up slut calling Playboy a badge of honor what a slut. It was creepy to me that she said she looked at her father's Playboys when she was little to Kevin's parents.
    OMG!!! I missed that one! If I would have been Jill's prospective Mum-In-Law, my face would have totally frozen into a polite smile that meant "Get me the HECK away from these psychos"/

    Although, I guess we should be happy that good old dad didn't share his Hustler mags with Jill!!!

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    Originally posted by angelic_one2002
    I thought Stephen sent Denise PLENTY of mixed messages! Just by the way he was willing to let it work, give it time....and then how he treated her when they were alone. When they were voted off the show, he acted almost liek it was a relief! I think Denise is better off in the long run without him. She'll do better.
    Thinking it over, maybe it was one of those - this is a cute girl. Ok, she doesn't ring my bell, but she's WILLING. And, I LOVE the cute schoolgirl outfit. Maybe I should give it a try? Plus, if he just straight out said on the initial trip to the ranch - Hey baby, you don't do it for me", he'd come off looking like a jerk. Maybe a producer got hold of him and said, "Dude, gotta get to know the INSIDE, before you reject the OUTSIDE"????

    PLease let this show be over soon! My IQ rate has dropped 5 points with each episode!

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    I think that Jennifer and Denise should have been matched up with one another's fiances. Jennifer and Steven (what a complete JERK!!!) deserve each other because they both have issues with commitment and no one else looking for marriage should be subject to the kind of treatment they inflict. My heart goes out to Denise and Xavier, I think they were both sadly mistreated. Maybe they could have found love together.

    Or maybe now I could get hooked up with Xaxier!

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    I also think that Billie Jean is disgusting. Tony actually came out and said something to the effect of, "I don't know if this trashy person is even girlfriend material." I would be embarassed if I had a friend who acted like that, I can't imagine being her significant other! On the other hand, I do think she is pretty. There could be hope for her if someone removes the beer bottle from her hand and washes her mouth out with soap.

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    I don't think he said "trashy" but he did say that she isn't marriage material. But I agree that if only BJ would cut back a little on her drinking and her inappropriate comments, she would be very likeable person.

    Well, I actually like her, and I feel sorry for her because she's seems very naive. But I also would be embarrassed to have a friend that acted like that at the more serious gatherings. She would be a lot of fun in a crazy-like party atomosphere.

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