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Thread: Episode 6 - 3/31 Discussion *spoilers*

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    Poor Denise was so pathetic that I actually feel sorry for her! I guess that maybe sex does NOT always sell!!

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    I am sure Denise was looking for hugs from anyone standing nearby
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    Oh good lord, I cannot believe the promos for next week. The sleaze factor is getting a bit too high, even for me!

    I don't think any of these people would stand a snowball's chance in hell of being happily married.

    It also looked to me like Tony was praying that he and BJ would get the boot.

    And what a little bee-atch Denise was at the end. What is the logic of chastising someone who doesn't want to marry you for saying something that resulted in them not having to marry you? (anyone follow that?)

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    Deep Dish
    I think the only difficult part the Panel faces during Bridal Council* is maintaining some grip to keep from slipping into a vortex of total ineptitude. The Three Stooges are alive and well, folks, and their new names are Dr. Jenn, Ms. P. and Don "I've Got Personal Baggage" Elium.

    Jill's father is short-tempered, overly protective and stubborn. Basically the three key ingredients in being a good dad. He tried to give Kevin a good working-over but saw he's a worthy son-in-law material. I mean, if it was my daughter I'd certainly be impressed by a guy who answers what he does for a living by saying the word "marketing" no less than 68 times in his answer.

    I have to question Jill's thinking that posing in Playboy is a badge of honor. I mean, Juggs or Schulmadchen, of course. But Playboy? There are hardly any pictures in it anymore. And a "special issue" no less -- the type you get as an incentive to subscribe along with a phone in the shape of a beer can. Oh that's right, she's from Long Island.

    Billie Jean and Tony are my favorite couple. First of all, I loved Tony in That Thing You Do* so there's my bias. But Billie Jean is a blast. Society can't handle her because she likes to be festive at a party? Oh come on! And who doesn't like a woman that uses salty language? She rocks!

    I have a solution for Duane. He should definitely hook up with Tony's best man, Bender. Bender, lisp and all, obviously has feelings for Tony that go beyond protecting him from "wild" Billie Jean. Everyone would be happy!

    Stephen and Denise...we hardly knew ye. You guys get an "A" for effort but need some remedial work for compatibility. Also, Denise should really get over the "what's wrong with me" thing or else she might get traumatized.

    Ok now I'm off to find out just what men were chasing after Ms. P. I suspect they were agents from the L.A. Division of the Better Business Bureau looking for answers about her quack "Community Advice Giver" gig she's got going. Call it a hunch.

    *Yes I used these jokes already.

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    After building up so much affection and love in this episode, I would have thought Denise and Stephen were here to stay. But if the experienced mother and grandmother says they are not attracted to each other, they are not.

    I like Billie Jean. Yes, she is a bit loud and noisy, and a bit irritating because she is so naive. But she really does have a sincere heart and the words that just comes out of her mouth...slips out accidentally. I know her affection for Tony is true, although I'm not sure if it is a vice-versa thing going on. Nevertheless, I must say, Tony is absolutely GORGEOUS and SEXY, although this has nothing to do with their relationship.

    I know what Tony (the balding and hairy one, aka. Jill's father) meant when Kevin kept referring Jill with the words "sweetie" and "cutie". The tone of his voice seems like he was pissed off, although Tony is a tad too crazy with the whole my house, my rules thing. Kevin and Jill's relationship reminds me too much of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    Next week, seduction night. God, I can't wait to drool all over Tony. Seriously though, I can't see either couples working into a happily ever after ending though. But if I have to make a bet, I'd say that Kevin and Jill will get chosen by the great Ms. P and the other two so-called professionals.

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    Welcome droolingovrhim!

    Denise didn't want to acknowledge that her relationship with Stephen wasn't working. During the panel interrogations, she acts like things are just okay, and they will eventually get better. I kind of feel sorry for her because she wants to cling so much to this relationship that wasn't going anywhere. Her nagging to Stephen when they were packing was terribly annoying, and she definitely needs therapy if she's always saying "What's wrong with me?" She's too needy. That's her problem.

    I also like Billie Jean, but I have a feeling that she will be hurt in the end. Tony doesn't seem to be open with his feelings towards her, although he does like the sexual attraction. BJ's wild side will start to wear Tony down, as we've already seen.

    Jill's dad is quite a pill, but he was being protective of her. I just wished he hadn't over-reacted in front of Kevin's parents. If anybody was being disrespectful, it was him. But at least, he realized that Kevin and his parents were good people.

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    Originally posted by Eden
    The sleaze factor is getting a bit too high, even for me!
    I totally agree, Eden. Fox is really pushing it. First with the fantasy sex scenes and now the sleazy las vegas bachelor/bachelorette parties. :rolleyes

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    Well, I think Denise was a sweetie and that Steven was giving her big time mixed messages. "Ooooohhhh, I LOVE the school girl outfit!" And "We've been sleeping in the same bed for days". But, don't expect me to kiss you good night. I think the guy just wasn't ready for a relationship - did you see the way he was eyeing Denise's sister last week? The boy has wandering pecker syndrome. He wants what he can't have.

    As for BJ - sure she's fun and a total party animal. BUT, her comment after Tony's dad's toast was completely inappropriate. Yes, you should accept people the way they are, but that doesn't equate to belching & farting in public. You DO need to have some couth.

    And Jill and the whole Playboy thing. Honey - if you love this guy and no more Playboy spreads are the worst concession you have to make to keep him happy, you are one lucky lady.

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    I don't think any of the remaining couples should be married. If I were Kevin I would run as far and as fast as I could!!! I can;t imagine him being stuck with that A-hole of a father n law for the rest of his life! What a low life loser! He was totally out of line , I am surprised that Kevins family did not get up and just walk out! Bille Jean is in no way , not now or anytime soon ready for marriage. I think Tony is kind of creepy looking and he is not being honest either. I dont think he is interested in Billie jean any more.

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    Man, Jill is one stuck up slut calling Playboy a badge of honor what a slut. It was creepy to me that she said she looked at her father's Playboys when she was little to Kevin's parents I bet they think a family of idiots and a girl their son should never married. I hope next week she and Kevin don't get married because she don't really love him just love to be famous.

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