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Thread: Episode 5 (03/24) MBA post-show discussion

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    I strongly believe panelist Don Elium should have apologized to Jennifer. He should have said, "I'm sorry. I left out frigid."

    Jennifer IS a cold fish and her treatment of Xavier was not very good. She obviously doesn't perceive herself this way. Then I asked myself "why is it that a seemingly attractive and charming woman would have no luck with men and has to resort to letting 'America' make a choice for her? Answer: Because she is cold and brittle. (However, the panel was waaaaaaaay out of line humiliating her publicly like that.)

    If America includes 13 year olds placing multiple votes for someone on a whim, or Granny Smith in Podunk making lots of calls because they're free, then heaven help me, I'll make my own choices, thank you very much.

    Ms. P. had a look like she got up on the wrong side of the bed.

    That's because this week they put a gag order on Ms P. and let the other two idiots wreak havoc. Don is in a pissy mood because he's too young for the Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest held in Key West each year. Maybe next year, Don.

    Denise and Stephen are a disaster. How passive aggressive can a guy get? He's so good at it that even the so called Dr. Berman didn't pick up on it. (Where did she get HER degree -- NOT from UCLA, I'm sure!) Stephen wants out! He might as well SCREAM it! Denise is buying into it too. She is privately rejected and then puts on a mask in public. She's not being aggressive. Any guy would respond to her if he liked her. WAKE UP DENISE! They are gone next week.
    Ok, sorry if this has been mentioned before but does anyone think Tony is actually actor Steve Zahn working for scale?

    That's IT! I knew it! Tony IS Steve Zahn's brother separated at birth. I think the "experts" were rude and insulting to Tony and Billie Jeanne too, implying that their relationship is all about sex. What's wrong with that? They seem fine to me.

    Jill and Keith are doing the best so far. But next week, uh oh! I remember her father on the Family Panel. He's worse than Uncle Michael on "The Family." Totally obnoxious in a very New Jersey way.

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    Re: Stephen & Denise

    Originally posted by cyndo
    However, I would like to see Stephen step up to the plate and be honest about at least some of how he feels. He told the cameras that he likes to be the pursuer and wants to be the one to make the first move. Says he gets tuned off when women chase him. Maybe if he was upfront with Denise and just told her that outright she would change her tactics. How can you meet your partner's needs and make them comfortable if you are unaware of what those needs are.
    Stephen is also at fault for this relationship not clicking. Unless it was edited out, we haven't seen Stephen tell Denise that he likes to make the first move.

    Even though Stephen said he wants to take it slow, I think his mind was already made-up that this wasn't going to work when he took a look at Denise for the first time. Also, I'm sure he figured out when he signed up that he only had a short amount of time to get to know his "finacee", and that the relationship would take a lot more work than an average relationship would.

    BTW, Welcome Cyndo!

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    I think Denise is an idiot. Even without being told that Stephen likes to be the pursuer, she could have figured that one out by herself just from that first night.

    And then to keep backing him into corners about why he doesn't like her! Okay, girlie, you're not getting the prize. Have some dignity. Maybe if she found a little dignity, he would respond. Probably not. He should have just said "Look, I want a skinny blonde, America." He and Jennifer really need to get together.

    DeepDish--You are absolutely hilarious. You totally had me laughing out loud. Reading your post was more entertainment than watching the show--by far!
    "Look, you love me, and I love you. Maybe in a different time, a different place, this would work out. But we both know that only one of us is leaving this room alive, and I'm the one holding the flame thrower." - Film Fakers

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    Deep Dish
    Thanks, spegs!

    Originally posted by CaliGirl
    Don is in a pissy mood because he's too young for the Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest held in Key West each year. Maybe next year, Don.
    CaliGirl, I'll have you know I came in 17th place at that contest last year. Ok, so actually it was the Mariel Hemingway look-alike contest after I had too many Margaritavilles.

    Totally obnoxious in a very New Jersey way.
    OG, I'm braving the Turnpike this weekend...

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    So these people are having fantasy type of sex after meeting each others for EIGHT weeks. How classy! Thanks for FOX, or I would never know there are so many stupid people around.

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    I love this show. I can' t wait to see it from week to week. My favorites are also Jill & Kevin and BillieJean & Tony. I really hope it owks out for one of them. I didn't watch the forst show so I have a question. If the couples click but don't "win," can't they still get married on their own? They always drive off in separate cars at the end. I would like to see the couple that gets kicked off but drives off together anyway.

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    Welcome QueenKing!

    I'm sure it's up to these couples if they want to continue seeing each other after the show, and work on their relationship. Although, I don't think we'll be hearing that Jennifer and Xavier have decided to give it another try since they did not click at all.

    Kevin and Jill are also my favorites. I like Billie Jean and Tony, but I think there relationship won't last. Tony is not being too open, and Billie Jean is so emotionally involved that she's liable to get hurt. Just my thoughts.

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