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Thread: Episode 4 (03/17) post-show discussion

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    I feel duped by Cortez. She was all "Arranged marriages are the greatest, lalala," so everyone voted for her, then she didn't even give it a good ol' college try.

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    I think Stephen is an affection withholder. Once he gets what he wants he don't want it no mo...And Jill Puleese she is the coldest thing! Even if Zavier gets a kiss or cuddle off of her it will be worthless talk about no chemistry!

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    Welcome Miss Anthropy, LisaM, StellaRay, LastDj!

    I think Stephen had an image of the perfect woman, and when he saw Denise, it was obvious that she wasn't what he was expecting.

    Seems to me that Stephen is not being true to himself. He pratcially begged America to select someone nice for him and not to base it on looks.

    Oh...you're not the only one that finds a sense of humor sexy, Shayla. I was rooting for Matt to win, but Cortez didn't give him a chance, imo.

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    I was rooting for Matt as well. But I don't feel bad for him, now that this over he has the publicity that women will be knocking down his door. Sure, some will be there because of the TV thing... but you never know.

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    I didn't think I was going to watch this show but ended up watching last night. I think we need to switch some of these couples around. The only ones I would leave alone is Jill & Kevin, I think they are good together. Lets chance the others though..

    Denna---Xavier (they would both be willing to try)
    Jennifer---Tony (he would make her sleep on the floor)
    Billie---Matt (he would be more tolerent of her than Tony will)
    Cortez--Stephen (they could freeze each other out)

    I just think these people would work better together.

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    First of all, let me make this perfectly clear. I WAS NOT going to watch this dreadful, awful show. My b/f taped the first episode and gave it to me and I didn't watch it. But, he kept talking about the darn thing and somehow last night, I turned it on. Well, BAM! Now I'm hooked, dad blast it!

    My take on the Cortez situation? Remember when they were riding in the car & she said that she normally dates guys that are rotten to her? Well, Matt seems like a really nice guy. Women that are drawn to "bad boys" do NOT like nice guys. Matt never had a chance. But, he's going to have plenty of offers in the future, which is nice.

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    Was anyone else bothered by the panel? Especially "Ms. P"? What was up with that? "She is sort of a local legend in L.A." for giving advice? Credentials, please.

    And I agree that it would have been a lot more tasteful (I know, it's FOX!) if the interviews with the panel were conducted privately. I don't think that would have taken anything away from the "watch-ability" of that moment either. I also think the panel should interview the contestants individually--obviously it would be ungentlemanly of Stephen to say, "No, I am not attracted to Denise, she is freakishly ugly to me. Just my opinion, folks" in front of everyone. But he's thinkin' it!
    "Look, you love me, and I love you. Maybe in a different time, a different place, this would work out. But we both know that only one of us is leaving this room alive, and I'm the one holding the flame thrower." - Film Fakers

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    Where's the heat?

    As this show unfolds further, the battle lines appear to be drawn most definitively. Whaaaaaaaaa?

    Ok, here's what I mean. During the selection process and the subsequent engagements of the various couples, we weren't too clear on the dynamics between them. It seemed apparent, however, that things were popping between Kevin and Jill as well as Crazy Woman BJ and her guy Tony.

    Just before the so-called panel of experts evicted Cortez and Matt from Tribal Council...I mean from the Copper North Ranch (I did a Google search and came up empty btw - no such place exists near Santa Cruz in Monterey County), I predicted their early demise. Cortez was almost disgusted with poor ole Matt. She looked resentful that this wasn't working for her, but she's the one that sobbed and said that she can't be pushed. Did she think she was going away for a Time Share weekend?

    There were many more awkward moments. Denise doesn't come up to Stephen's expectations despite the fact that he claims to be attracted to her. If I were Denise, I would not hang around much longer just to be rejected every time she tries to be affectionate.

    Jennifer is another cold fish. Hasn't she heard about Frenchmen? Poor Xavier has to be told in no uncertain terms, "no cuddling" "I mean it." No wonder she has never had a lasting relationship with anyone.

    The Tribunal of experts was a strange mix. OK - a psychotherapist and family counselor is one thing, but a neighborhood sage? And what was Don's claim to fame? What right did he have to embarrass Kevin and Jill with outrageous questions pertaining to pre-marital sex when this was the most 'together' couple of the group? I found that very distasteful.

    Prediction for next ousting: Stephen and Denise

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    Deep Dish

    Re: Where's the heat?

    Just before the so-called panel of experts evicted Cortez and Matt from Tribal Council...
    OMG! We're on the same wavelength here because I was thinking of a variant, "Bridal Council!"

    Also, I've scoured the L.A. area for "Miss P" and if she's such a legend, then she's a legend of the quiet kind because I'm coming up snake eyes.

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    OMG! We're on the same wavelength here because I was thinking of a variant, "Bridal Council!"

    Looks like Miss P. took over when Miss Cleo left town.

    Like the way she sat splay-legged in that chair!

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