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Thread: "Degrated by America"

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    "Degrated by America"

    I just have to say, that although many people may think this show is amusing, I think it's rather sad that marriage is being degrated and just thrown around. I heard someone say oh well, if their marriage or whatever doesn't work, they can JUST get a divorce. How appealing is that? I think they went a bit too far, in my opinion. But that's show business...i guess?! I'd like to hear what others think..thanks!

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    I have to say I agree with you.
    I think it's one thing to vye for a holiday, as in Meet My Folks, but the marriage element of this show is most distasteful to me.

    I watched about 30 minutes if the first show and had no problem dropping it from my viewing schedule.
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    I'm with you on this one too Blondee03. FOX never ceases to amaze regarding how far the'd truly go for ratings and sponsorship! With such programs.... they might as well call themselves a cable program. It's pretty dispicable.

    But that is how they get viewership.... by shocking their audience with new ideas... as raunchy and as controversial as they may be!

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    I also believe this show was in poor taste since all the participants figure that if things don't work, they can just get the marriage annulled. I actually heard a rumour that the show has been cancelled but I haven't been able to confirm it for myself. Has anybody else heard that?

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    The show has not been cancelled to my knowledge, and the ratings have been good enough, but not great, just good enough to keep it going.

    The untold story (at least until now) is that they really aren't getting married sight unseen, and that in fact they have the option to back out long before it gets to that.

    Wow... almost sounds like I am defending the show. I am not, it has been disappointing so far on every level.
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    I was upset when I first saw the premise for the show... but when I found out that someone from my high school was on the show, I had to watch. Jill was my sister's year. '95. I was in the same class as her sister, '92. I'm interested to see how this turns out. I can't believe the way she and Billie-Jean are behaving with guys they JUST MET! Their parents are going to watch the show!!!

    I'll see if I can't get my sister's high school yearbook and post up an old pic of Jill.

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    Welcome Blondee and MsFB!

    I thought this show was pretty distasteful when I first heard that America would choose the partners for each contestant and then that couple would get married sight unseen. I thought they would get married immediately, but that is not the case.

    This show is a lot like the Bachelor and the Bachelorette except that the couples focus on each other only, and not 24 other contestants. And it is not worse than the fiasco of "Who Wants to Marry A Millionaire". I most certainly didn't watch that show, but we all got to hear about it since it was all over the news.

    These strangers have a chance to get to know each other before actually getting married. Also, they all can back out if they don't want to get married. Not exactly the "Married Sight Unseen" that FOX is promoting

    Anyway, Married By America is definitely on the low spectrum of the reality shows. I'm not defending it either, but I'm just calling it as I see it.

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    I really don't think this show is all that bad. It's just entertainment. Like Wolf said, they can always back out... so they aren't being forced into it.

    I thought the concept of Joe Millionaire was much worse as far as taste goes. That's just my opinion though.

    MsFB - If you are able to get it, I'm excited to see Jill's HS photo. It's always neat to see things like that.

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    I agree that the people on the show must be crazy or actors, but I have to say that I don't think this show degrades the institution of marriage. They call it an "experiment in arranged marriage." When you think of it that way, it doesn't seem so bad. The families chose the best suitor, just like old fashioned arranged marriages. Is that so terrible? It starts getting disgusting when they follow them with cameras to their bed! As a sociology major I think it's all pretty interesting.

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    check that out, it'll make u feel MUCH better

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