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Thread: "Degrated by America"

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    originally posted by Wolf
    These strangers have a chance to get to know each other before actually getting married. Also, they all can back out if they don't want to get married. Not exactly the "Married Sight Unseen" that FOX is promoting.

    Anyway, Married By America is definitely on the low spectrum of the reality shows. I'm not defending it either, but I'm just calling it as I see it.
    I agree with you that the premise is distasteful. However, I have watched this show and find it no better or worse than "Joe Millionaire" or "The Bachelor."

    These shows have to be taken with more than one grain of salt. FOX definitely plays up the sleaze factor more than other networks in their previews, but I find that ABC is far more hypocritical in trying to elevate "The Bachelor" and pretend it has an element of class (i.e. rose ceremony). Coincidentally, it also ends in a marriage proposal, lest anyone forget. The end results have been less than stellar as we all know.

    The contestants on MBA are very similar to others I have seen lately on similar shows. They are probably all discovered at Belly's, a major talent source in L.A.

    The dreadful "Are You Hot" is the sleaziest most demeaning show I have seen to date, bar none, and it's not even on FOX.

    Just wait, there is worse stuff heading our way.

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