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Thread: Fox Affiliate Won't Show More MBA

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    Fox Affiliate Won't Show More MBA


    RALEIGH/DURHAM - WRAZ-TV/FOX 50 has decided to preempt future broadcasts of the FOX network reality series Married by America due to content that demeans and exploits the institution of marriage.

    WRAZ-TV/FOX 50 expressed serious concerns with Married by America when the show's concept was first revealed. After viewing the second episode, which aired on March 5th, WRAZ-TV/FOX 50 decided that the program did not reflect prevailing standards of good taste and that the show was clearly demeaning to the institution of marriage.

    Since WRAZ-TV/FOX 50 was never afforded the opportunity to preview these nor future episodes, the station can only assume that the program content will continue as is. WRAZ-TV/FOX 50 can only believe the FOX promotional announcements when they say: .Once engaged, they [the couples] move in to this romantic estate, living together, sleeping together.you.ll witness their every move until the day they say .I do,.. and, .all five engaged strangers will commit to marriage on this stage..

    (see link for full press release)

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    Very interesting!

    Thanks for posting!
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