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Thread: Episode 2 (03/05) post-show discussion

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    Episode 2 (03/05) post-show discussion

    Well, I guess I'll start one.
    Post your discussions here. That's if there's anyone out there watching it.

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    I can't believe they cut that pretty girl because the family thought 'he would mow over her'.

    I like Cortez, but I think the other girl, Sally, might be the saucy type that his mom says he needs.

    Jennifer did seem kind of icy during her clips. Her mom came across as the bossy type during the interrogations. Xavier seems too suave for her, and the other guy (can't recall his name) seemed a little bit unstable.

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    I watched it, and voted, but don't know why I actually did either! I really think it is stupid. I think I'm getting hooked on these shows to get away from the crazy world news. They definitely get ones mind off of that! I thought two of the girls who were cut tonight would have been better for Matt than the two left. I voted for Cortez (?) because I didn't like the other one at all.

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    Well, I'm not voting. I don't want any part in getting "blamed" if the relationships go sour.

    I think it'll get a little better next week, since the couples will start living together.

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    I think I'm getting hooked on these shows to get away from the crazy world news.
    Heehee, BTW. I know what you mean. Also, I'm getting hooked on these shows to procrastinate all the things I have to do!

    Anyway...so few of us on the MbA bandwagon...

    Jennifer is my favorite of the mainstays, or whatever they're called. I really liked how she introduced her dog and cat. Why did you think Xavier was too suave for her, Wolf? I was amused watching her brother's face during the I/We answer. The I...becomes Weeeee...

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    Yeah, that guy with the "'I turns to We, 1 becomes 2'" just dug his own hole with that sappy answer. The look on the brother's face was priceless.

    About Xavier, I don't know, but I just felt his answers were too suave. ie. (The most romantic thing he's ever done: Looking at his lover across a crowded room. What would you change about you? I'm all about chnage and willing to change.) Not exact wording, but something like that.

    He said all the right answers without really answering the questions. Also, in the snipit that was shown during his interrogation, he said he was always the one calling the shots. It came natural to him. Of course, I maybe wrong because there was not enough info about any of these people to get a good feel about them.

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    Okay... Cortez has my vote - I don't think Matt is quite as sophisticated as his mother thinks. I think Matt needs someone who's really committed to this "arranged marriage" thing and I think Cortez will really go through with it.

    Xavier IS quite suave but what's his future? Does he need a green card? Is he going to take her back to France? But for the whole "living with my mom" thing, I liked Mark (I think that's his name, right?) A bit quiet...

    Oh, gosh, I still can't believe I'm watching this. I'm actually getting giddy thinking about next monday... and then we get to watch their dislike turn to resentment and hostility in just weeks (while it takes most relationships at least years!)

    I actually think this show is great in theory...

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