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Thread: Episode 1 (03/03) post-show discussion

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    I watched the show for less than 10 minutes and decided to turned off my TV. What a waste of time! How ridiculous it is! People who practise or used to practise arranged marriage do it for a reason. But it seems to me the people on the show doing this because they just want to be on the national TV. If all those The Bachelors's, Joe Millionaire relationships don't work, why would this one work? Want to repeat another " Who wants to marry a Millionaire". Not for me.

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    I'm still waiting to see if this show has potential.
    Though, a friend of mine dropped by at 9:30, and I had no qualms about shutting off the TV. However, of the hour and a half I did watch, I'm puzzled by the producers' approach. From the glimpses they gave us, and the answers to the panels' superficial questions, I have not even a basic intuition about which contestants would be right for whom. At least with American Idol, I watched various characters go through the rigamarole and--by the semifinals--could think: would I buy an album sung with this voice? Here I thought we'd get in-depth character studies and some basic inquiries into what factors go into choosing the perfect mate. You're not a city guy? Sorry, no love for you!

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    This particular episode was very boring imo.
    I agree, the questions were very superficial as was the reasoning behind booting some of the suitors.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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