'Married By America'

First they had you choose an "Idol" and then they let you fall for an average "Joe." Now, they're asking America to pop the big question. It's Fox's latest twist on love and "Extra" has your first look at "Married By America."

Jill Nicolini and four other eligible singles are counting on you to find them a mate sight unseen. Jill says, "I just can't find someone who totally understands me and accepts me for who I am."

Now anyone with a telephone can help pick their perfect mates. All five of these singles will get engaged. The only question is, can they make it work? Executive producer Ted Haimes says arranged marriages are only foreign to Americans. He says, "In different parts of the world, in Japan and India, people get together in marriages. They've been put together by their family and friends and it actually turns out that they're happy."

And to help in the process, family members will interview the prospects and narrow down the field. It's the ultimate meet the parents and Jillís folks are up for the task.

The matchmaking begins Monday night at Fox at 9pm.