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Thread: Manhunt 11-16 Recap: Puerto Rican Pimp Style

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    dallas, fer sure
    amazing as always. wonderful recap, spegs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spegs
    they give you free red punch when you check in. Wow. Just wow. That put me over the top right there. Please excuse me for a minute while I go call my travel agent.

    All we get from Kev is his decision to pose in the water rather than up on the rocks. Because, “when people shoot up, it makes my boobs look a lot bigger.” (Note to self: pose on rocks.)

    On his first attempt, Maury’s cheekbones fracture and he is rushed by ambulance to the ER. No elimination tonight, I guess

    Rob also has a male fan—one that rubs his finger across the picture’s stomach and makes the “sizzle” sound. Tsssssss! “Oh, gross,” Hunter says. (Hey, Hunter? You got any extra room for these boxes inside your little closet there?)

    Kevin makes a lame Zoolander “walk-off” joke (lame=not made by spegs).

    If “emotionless robot” is what he’s going for, then well done, Maurice.

    My notes are sort of smeary, what with all the drool.

    Kevin struts out in his Speedo with his hands up in the air as if to say, “See, I told you I had balls.” Yes, we see, Kev. Only too well. She’s so desperate for a decent catch phrase that she’s stealing from My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss? That’s desperate, baby.

    Then Kev gets to the “He’s a good guy…BUT” section of his report. Maurice is a good guy, but he’s over confident. (Hello, Kettle? Yeah, it’s me, Pot.)

    “I got nothing.” – spegs (because at this point in the recap, I care even less than the Tray Mail Guy)

    Fare thee well, young, cheesy stripper.

    Be ready for a wild jungle shoot, where the guys will pose with tarantulas—FedEx-ed overnight from America’s Next Top Model—and millipedes, and miniature frogs and cockatoos…. (and lambs and sloths, and carp and anchovies, and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit-bats….)

    “When one model blows it, he could become an endangered species!” Oooo. What a clever play on words! Really.
    Excellent recap Spegs, this is one the worst shows I've ever seen but this recap had me rolling!

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    Great recap, Spegs! It's too hard to quote my favorites, as I love every little line you write. You really have a gift to be able to write about this type of a show and make it so entertaining--and sound as though it's not-to-be-missed TV!

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