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Thread: Episode 6 Portfolio

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    I love Kevin's calendar shot. Just don't let him speak; it ruins it for me.

    Actually, even though I can see every flaw in women of ANTM, I have officially turned into a pile of goo when it comes to these guys. I like each and every one of them - especially with their shirts off, all oiled up...
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    What was on the inside of the calendar? The show never stated if each month had a different picture. I would like to see all 12 months of Jons calendar.

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    Hunter looks the best on the runway, next to Jon. They have a very casual look about them. They look like the guys you want to be, you are envious of, the guys who can get anything and anyone because of their looks.

    Rob looks like a victim, someone who's really unhappy with all of this and who can't wait to get home.
    Kevin doesn't even look like himself, or actually he does, arrogant and full of himself, trying to claim the spotlight.
    Maurice, well Maurice is just Maurice, and let's just leave it at that.

    Seriously, Hunter and Jon are the best looking of the bunch, they take a great picture, Hunter has something in his face that makes him very attractive.
    The same goes for Jon, who has a face to die for.

    Rob looks old, he looks out of place. He poses well for the camera, but he's not a good looking guy.
    Kevin Peake, he always bitched about Matt being chubby and fat, but with those veins popping out all over his body, he looks stringy and overly excercised, not attractive. And he's got an old face, not old-old, but "I've got an old face and I'm desperately trying to look young"-old.
    Maurice... well he works out, other than that he's just Maurice, and let's just leave it at that.

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    Jon - adorable - yum yum yum. Body - face - sweet personality - naturalness - everything (and he's photogenic). If he doesn't win - its fixed!!

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    Runway -
    Rob's is cute. I like it.
    Kevin looks so cocky in his, and not because he's wearing a speedo.
    Jon does look like an assassin Like he's off to shoot someone because they were looking at him funny. Intense.
    Maurice's is kinda boring.

    I think Rob's face looks nice, but something about his body is...I don't know. Just looks off.
    Kevin's looks good, but he looks so beefy. Too beefy. He's got veins popping out everywhere and if you look close enough, it's as if you can see his actual inner muscles. I also think his face doesn't look great. Would have looked better if he wasn't smiling.
    I LOVE Jon's! He looks ridiculously sexy, and I think his photograph is perfect. Not surprised he won!
    Maurice's also looks ok. I think his pose and body look nice, but I don't like him smiling. I don't think his smile is particularly pretty/attractive.
    Hunter has a great face in this photo, but his pose seems a bit strange, like he's squished into a small little box. But his face makes up for it I think.

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    None of these really stand out for me.

    I like Rob's runway. And I like Kevin and Jon's calendar shot. Hunters is good too, but wow, he looks like Ashton Kutcher in that photo!

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    About Rob...I am not particularly fond of his "look", however, when he's fully dressed and modeling clothes he absolutely nails it every time.
    I couldn't agree more, funnygirl422, and as Hunter (of all people ) mentioned in the suit shoot during Episode 5, modeling really is (in spite of Manhunt's weekly Cavalcade of Beefcake) about fashion, i.e. clothes.

    If you look at most magazines, like GQ, etc. , Rob's body type is much closer to what is currently hot/trendy. Also, I asked a friend of mine who has been in the fashion biz for 20+ years about male models and runway work, and this is what she said: "Young models just coming up might be encouraged to do one season in Milan, but the money sucks, and anybody who is regularly booking print work wouldn't go near a runway show unless they had to. Runway is much more of a female Supermodel arena." Makes sense to me. So, if Rob can't move (C3PO anyone?) it wouldn't necessarily rule out a very successful career in modeling.

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    even thoe i dont watch this show judgeing by these pictures i thiunk rob should have been eliminated... hunter is younger right? how old is rob anyways looks like he is losing his hair??

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    You know, when it comes to male calender photography, Art Minds just doesn't, er, come to mind. Jim French, Bruce Weber, hell, even Herb Ritts (I know he's dead, but he would come to mind way before Art Minds). Doesn't he do those really cheesy fireman calenders and stuff that they sell in the malls. Yeah, that's art. I Googled him, his website link doesn't work.
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    Re: Rob being in the game bc he's gay:

    Listen to what Bruce says about the next "challenge" - and how he speaks about the guys. He makes some comment about liking that Rob is gay.

    It's just a theory, and I don't buy it 100% but when you perform as dismally as Rob did this episode and then hear that kind of comment, it makes me wonder. I mean, this IS Bravo...

    I'm going to go so far and peg Rob as the winner. I don't warm up to his features nearly as fast as I do with the other guys, but my guess is that Rob is the last man standing. Bird chest and all.

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