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Thread: Episode 5 Portfolio

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    I've been a bad, bad girl Siryn's Avatar
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    Hunter looks fantastic.
    Jon - the hair styling and jacket make him seem effeminate. Not cool.
    Rob - I don't see the appeal. Just my taste.
    Tate - finally looks okay, especially his last shot on the beach.
    Kevin P - finally, I can honestly say, "lookin' good!!" - but too bad he's a bitchy mole that got rid of some of the most gorgeous men. Good luck Jon!!
    Maurice - do you even want to be there? He really does look distant.

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    Picture Perfect SnowflakeGirl's Avatar
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    I'm curious, since there's not much comment on it, what you all think about the candid, paparazzi shots?
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Anya | Kata | Aimee so into you's Avatar
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    I actually think Tate's is best this time.
    The newspapers look wrong in front of Hunter.
    Maurice's photo looks like what would appear on "WEBHOSTING SERVICE" promotion pamphlets.
    Rob's photo is sort of boring, but his face is good.
    Kevin P. Looks way awkward sitting like that on the middle of the pavement.
    I hate Jon's hair. Bad.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    FORT Fogey ANTMrox's Avatar
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    Jon's pic: tres Armani face

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMrox
    Hunters is clearly the best. IMO Kevin looks "low IQ" ...AGAIN.
    He does look look IQ! Like he's about to scratch his head and go, "Durrrr"

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    FORT Fogey ANTMrox's Avatar
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    Kevin looks like the type to have beer in his refrigerator 365 days a year (366 for leap years) guaranteed

    {{{{{{dashes out before all the Kevin fans wish death on me}}}}}}

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    1. Hunter
    2. Rob
    3. Kevin
    4. Maurice
    5. Jon
    6. Tate

    Jon has been good, but he doesn't have as much appeal to me. Hunter, to me, is the stand-out for the competition. Rob's different, but he's pulled of his shoots and made it work. Maurice has done both good and bad, and this one's a little boring, but not bad. Tate, I don't like and I haven't really liked any of his pictures except for the pretzel stick that he pulled off pretty well last week.

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    FORT Fogey aname's Avatar
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    Based on the photos alone, I would have gotten rid of Maurice. His photo is blah.
    Actually, altho Tate is a jerk, I like his photo. Rob just doesn't do a thing for me. Kevin P.'s photo is so-so, not great. I absolutely love Jon - he is beautiful, masculine, and sweet, but I don't like his hair slicked back as much as natural. But, I love his photo - it really shows his beautiful bone structure and I disagree with someone who said he looks feminine - I totally disagree!!! But. . best of all is Hunter's. The camera loves him, even though in person (or on TV anyway) he is immature and kind of effeminine acting.

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    Fashionista Sandinista Chorita KaBoom's Avatar
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    This was the best photo shoot so far, in my opinion (with the most adorable photographer). If the elimination was based on the pictures, Maurice would have been gone. There is just nothing there. Tate's picture was actually good, and his demeanor seemed to have improved (since he sobered up?), but not enough to make me less of a Tater. Rob looks great, and I have to wonder if he had a lot of usable frame to pick from. The photographer loved Kevin P, and the editing gave the impression that he got his shot in like 2 shots, but his final picture wasn't a pose that they showed on air, so I'm guessing it was really more. It was a good picture, not quite the brooding brat that he usually does. Which brings me to Jon. Gorgeous as he is, he needs to work on different expressions, maybe just a hint of a smile.
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    Tabloid Fodder?

    The candid photos were such a hilarious idea - a stroke of genius. I think the one with Rob's stomach all pooched out is the best for laugh value.

    As for trying to capture them in unappetizing situations, he only really succeeded with Tate and Jon. (Boy, did he ever, though.) To me, worse than the shots with the skanky hos is the one of Tate trying to talk to some girl in the club - it's so obvious she's cringing and he's all over her.

    But as far as shots of them eating? Well, okay, they don't look at their best but who cares?
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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