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Thread: Zoolander would be so proud

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    Zoolander would be so proud

    Zoolander would be so proud

    by Sarah Kennedy

    It's survival of the hottest in Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model.

    Or perhaps, survival of the dumbest would be more accurate.

    Whatever man can survive the eight episodes of humiliation and painful body hair removal sessions deserves the $1-million and a lifetime supply of Nair.

    The reality show features Carmen Electra as host. Electra, who is more or less famous for being famous, has been trying for some time now to squeeze herself into the reality spotlight. She and husband Dave Navarro are rumoured to be the next Newlywed TV couple, after Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey end their contract with MTV.

    Manhunt begins with 20 contestants some chiselled and others seemingly androgynous pouting for the camera.

    It's like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy meets Zoolander.

    Four men are eliminated almost immediately in the first episode. Unlike its reality show competitors, contestants weren't required to eat worms or hang upside down over a vat of maggots, they just need to be hot. These four apparently were not.

    After the exit, the remaining 16 strip down to their boxer briefs in a airport field and, like marionettes, strike whatever humiliating pose they are told to. The funny thing is whether they were supposed to look like they just won the lottery or got lost in the woods, the poses all ended up looking like the Blue Steal the patented look of Ben Stiller's empty-headed Derek Zoolander.

    Eliminations are decided by the arrogant Bruce Hulse best known for being the "Calvin Klein man" and he doesn't let you forget it.

    Hulse tries to pull off the drill sergeant act, but his manicured fingernails give him away.

    The components of the first episode consist of an extravagant shopping spree, where some female shoppers offered their assistance much to the chagrin of one of the openly gay contestants who just wished they'd bug off and let him shop; and a modelling shoot that made some of the men look like drag queens.

    The obligatory drama unfolds when those contestants who like women brought one home from a club and allowed her to pass out in their hotel bathtub.

    The show's finalists will compete with each other in a series of challenges runway "walk offs" will feature significantly no doubt until only one remains.

    The chosen "hunk" will win an exclusive three-year, $1-million contract with international modelling agency IMG, but will likely lose all his buddies once they see him strutting down a runway in lipstick.

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    You hit the nail on the head!

    LMAO! That sums it up PERFECTLY!

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