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Thread: Too Much Talk on Manhunt

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    Too Much Talk on Manhunt

    Hot on the trail

    There’s plenty of skin but too much talk on Bravo’s new modeling show ‘Manhunt,’ which will surely attract gay men.

    SAY WHAT YOU will about the proliferation of reality television on both network and cable programming, but it’s that same onslaught of competitive programs that finally brought us Bravo’s “Manhunt: The Search for American’s Most Gorgeous Male Model.”

    This eight-part series, which is filling in for “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” in the Tuesday at 10 p.m. timeslot, has a title even clumsier than UPN’s “America’s Next Top Model,” and owes more to that hit show than its moniker.

    Starting off with 30 hot guys, 10 were dissed in the first five minutes of the premier on Oct. 12. Fifteen minutes later, another four were gone, leaving 16 guys to compete for the title and a contract with a top modeling agency, much like the ladies do on “Top Model.”

    Many gay men already love “Top Model,” mostly for the “All About Eve” backstabbing and bitchiness. And they are bound to love “Manhunt,” but for totally different reasons.

    Obviously, gay men love to look at hot guys, and this show has something for everyone in that department. Super hunk Kevin P. and his all-American smirk, the surfer-boy-looking Hunter with his shaggy hair, or the smoldering intensity of Paulo. (But what is up with former Mormon minister Brett and his uneven eyes?)

    There’s even three gay contestants: John (who was eliminated Tuesday), Rob and Ron, who says that he’ll make a great model because he’s gay and has great fashion sense. If only it were that easy, honey.

    NOT ONLY ARE there hot men, there are hot men competing in silly challenges. Hello, who skydives out of a plane in only their underwear? No one knows, but it’s certainly something you’ll want to watch, if only for the absurdity of it all.

    Also a bit absurd is the crew of judges on the show. Host Carmen Electra has a giggly enthusiasm that is refreshing compared to Tyra Banks matronly authority on “Top Model.” However, male model Bruce Holce tries to muster up the natural cattiness of uber-bitch and former super model Janice Dickinson but comes off as a grumpy drill sergeant rather than a force to be reckoned with.

    The biggest problem with watching the men on “Manhunt,” as opposed to shirtless models in magazines, is that on television, you can hear them speak. And most of the time, you don’t want to hear what they have to say. There’s nothing worse that lusting after a man only to find out that he’s a bratty [mod edit]. Or even worse, totally unintelligent.

    Though finding those personality flaws may be the only thing keeping those watching at home from falling into a deep depression.

    Anyway, all this is easily avoided if “Manhunt” is watched the way God intended it: with a big group of friends, a whole lot of drinks and the television turned to mute. Gawking, laughing and lusting are so much easier without those pesky personalities getting in the way.

    Brian Moylan WashingtonBlade.com

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    Uh yeah. They just need to shut up and strip.

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    Dear Brian.....

    It looks like YOU are giving a Manhunt a thumbs down or should I say 4 gag with a spoon rating? For starters WHY are you suggesting that ONLY GAY men watch the show? DO all gay men watch Queer Eye For The Straight Guy? I do agree with some of YOUR points on some of the downsides but too much talking? Hello its a REALITY SHOW... :phhht
    Some of us are here for the Eye Candy so hush

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    As a straight woman (and therefore not the audience the article is focusing on) I like hearing the pretty boys talk. Some of them are funny. Some of them are smart. Some of them have lovely accents. And some of them are raging imbeciles, and that's funny, too. Let the models speak!
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    oh god.....
    seeing what Brian REALLY looks like pretty much sums it up :rolleyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by spegs
    Let the models speak!
    Well, everyone except Tate. If he hollers "Keaton Duke" more time, I swear to Zeus I'm going to stuff a sock in his mouth.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Somehow, I'm thinking that "Manhunt" will have some of the same drama and cattiness that "Top Model" has, though no one can compare to UPN's drama queens.....

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