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Thread: Rob

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    dallas, fer sure


    Age: 25
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 178 lbs.
    Sign: Cancer
    Hometown: Arlington, TX
    Occupation: Law Student

    I am a 25 year old Texas boy now raisin' hell in L.A. I was born in a sleepy little town of 1,800 people in west Texas in the heart of the Bible Belt. My parents divorced when I was three. As a single parent on a teacher's salary, my mom worried about being able to support a family, so she went to law school and we eventually settled in the Dallas area.

    My teachers pretty much thought I was an idiot when I was younger. I had a teacher tell me she did not think I would be able to graduate high school. I eventually was diagnosed with dyslexia and was trained to compensate for my disability. I am proud that I graduated high school near the top of my class and was offered a full academic scholarship to Texas A&M University. I graduated with a B.S. in Journalism with a minor in Political Science. I also studied painting and art history in Italy at the Santa Chiara School in Castiglion Fiorentino.

    I had an amazing time in college, but I feel cheated at the same time. My school was all white, very conservative and very Christian not the place for a gay guy in his new Marc Jacobs pants. I struggled with my sexuality and hid it from my friends all through college; the last thing I wanted was for my fraternity to know. I don't know if they would have kicked me out or prayed to heal me, but either way it was not something I was ready to find out.

    After college, I needed a scenery change. I moved to L.A. to attend law school at Pepperdine. It was not until then that I understood just how conservative and repressed my college experience actually was.

    During this time I finally came out to my friends and family. It has been truly liberating because I realized this annoying piece of my life that caused me so much anxiety is not a big deal at all. In fact, I came out to my mom in a text message she thought it was cute.

    I would consider myself a huge dork with cool friends. I have no problem with letting people know that I TiVo four episodes of The Golden Girls each day, or that I love Hillary Duff. But at the same time I am very opinionated and quite discerning about style, fashion, music, and cars, and I am not afraid to share my views. So just ask!
    Q: What's your current relationship status? What do you look for in a potential mate?
    A: I'm looking for someone that makes me laugh. If you can find someone who makes you laugh and if you can trust them, you have a perfect relationship.

    Q: What physical activities do you do to stay in shape?
    A: I watch what I eat, and don't eat a lot of desserts. I go to the gym, lift weights four times a week, do cardio.

    Q: What's your best physical feature?
    A: My eyes, but it's really up to whoever's looking.

    Q: What quality do you have that would make you a successful model?
    A: With anything that I do, I'm very dedicated and a hard worker. I'm task-oriented.

    Q: Do you have a secret skill or hidden talent?
    A: I know a lot of pop culture trivia; I love a trivia contest.

    Q: What were your best and worst subjects in school?
    A: I love to write I have a journalism degree love to write movie reviews, little editorials, also short stories. I would love to have my own pop-culture show, like an edgier Ryan Seacrest

    Q: What are some of your favorite movies, books and CDs?
    A: Books: I love John Grisham, love mysteries, and legal suspense thrillers.
    Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Drop Dead Gorgeous.
    Music: my favorite band is my friend's band, The Matrix. Plus Scissor Sisters, The Postal Service. I read Spin and Rolling Stone.

    Q: Did you have a childhood pet?
    A: I had lots of pets. They all died or committed suicide. Two birds, Fred and Ethel, flew into the toilet in a double lover's suicide.

    Q: What's the one product or item you can't live without?
    A: TiVo. TiVo is about taking control of your life. My favorite TV shows are The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, The Golden Girls, Oprah, Strangers With Candy, The Daily Show, and Ellen DeGeneres. I'm a TV addict.

    Q: When you want to indulge yourself, what's your favorite guilty pleasure?
    A: I love buying things on eBay. I just bought a flat screen TV. I bought an old-fashioned rotary dial phone, like things that are kind of kitschy. And cheap, cash-only Mexican restaurants like Gilbert's Burritos in Santa Monica the Super Special with Beef.

    Q: What's your favorite curse word?
    A: No curse word is my favorite, but I say the F-word too much.

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    Best face so far, but his body is the worst of the bunch. Still my favorite so far, though.
    "Look, you love me, and I love you. Maybe in a different time, a different place, this would work out. But we both know that only one of us is leaving this room alive, and I'm the one holding the flame thrower." - Film Fakers

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    I agree Spegs, I think he'll go far.

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    His hair is
    Best bodyshape so far!

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    something a little too "I'm a serial killer" about his looks for my taste. Maybe if he'd crack a smile
    Help fight cystic fibrosis or just learn more about it at the cystic fibrosis foundation website, www.cff.org and help give my little guy a better future.

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    Definitely NOT my type either

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    He's an Amazing Race fan!! Woo hoo. Speaking of male models, he went to school with Brandon from TAR5. I wonder if they knew each other...Brandon was in a Christian frat and it sounds like Rob was too.

    If he'd grow his hair out, he'd be cute!

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    christian frat? they have such a thing?

    don't really like him, he reminds me of moby or something

    personality is good, but even body i don't like

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    I like this guy and think he could go far. Could he actually be
    Click to see Spoiler:
    the mole???

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    Here's my second choice for the mole.

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