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Thread: Matt

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    Adorable face and sweetie pie personality. Get rid of the "baby fat" and he's be a stunner.

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    You know what, I am so out of it.

    I just noticed the photo of Matt wearing a Collins Hill football jersey.


    I JUST noticed that because I've never been to his page before -- anyway...

    Earlier today while I was at school, my teacher talked about how she was flipping through and saw Matt on tv and was thinking where'd she's seen him before. She then showed me (Since I said I watch the show) a poster of an old class of hers and asked if it was him. To my surprise, IT WAS.

    I just thought that was really neat, and with me looking at his jersey now, ta-da! So one of the Manhunt guys used to go to my school. Too cool. I'm going to print out his photos to show to my teacher

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