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Thread: Jon

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    Aiiiieeeeee! I can't wait! I'm counting the days till my next fix...
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    What is Jon's website address?

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    Quote Originally Posted by butthead
    What is Jon's website address?
    Update from Bruce Hulse


    Bruce also told me (Spegs) that five of our favorite male models are going to be in an Abercrombie and Fitch ad! Congratulations to them all! He sent me this picture of the guys who are doing the shoot together:

    He's going to tell us when Jon Jonsson's site ( www.jonjonsson.com ) is up and running, and he's getting his own site together as well.

    Jon is smiling. WHOOO!
    When and where can we see the ad?
    When can we visit the websites?

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    Jon's page is up, but not much is there yet. His introduction is very cute though, and he seems very grounded. I can't wait to see more of Jon's yumminess in the future (although I'll have to get a spitguard for my keyboard first )

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    OMG 4 of his photos for $100?!?!!? O.o !!!!

    Anyway, his new photos:

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    His body is so perfect, he looks like a Greek sculpture, and his face is exotically beautiful. He gives new meaning to the term "gorgeous". And, to top it all off - he has a brain too (astro physics is not an easy discipline).

    I just read his intro on his site. He such a sweet, unassuming young man without the huge ego and conceit one would expect from someone so handsome. That makes him an even better representative of the title. I hope all of his dreams come true and he has a very bright and successful future.
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    Glad Jon Jonsson won. He's my favorite. He's so gorgeous and mesmerizing to me. Those pics you just posted made me catch my breath for a minute. Great face - perfectly symmetrical. And nice physique. Its like WOW
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    Wow, that's hot. I just don't know whether this show will be played in Hong Kong...I really wanna watch it!

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    Damn, he's so smokin' hot...
    thank God Bravo had a brain and let him win!

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    Jon Jonsson's website


    Unbelievable. And not in a good way!

    First off, it looks like Jon is getting a lil greedy. The $100,000 IMG contract wasn't enough, I guess! He's selling pictures on the site for $35 buckaroos each? Give me a break! In three out of the four he looks entirely too greasy and in need of a shower...who is going to pay $100 for a set of those pix when the ones in his Manhunt photo shoot gallery are 100 times better and FREE to print out?

    And who did the proofreading on the site? "America's Next Model"? Oi. ::facepalm:: The Omega people who designed his site should be fired with quickness. My grandmother could do a better job. Wait, don't tell me; they decided to give Jon free reign. And if that's what they did, they made a BIG mistake.

    How many more times is he going to say STOKED????

    I used to have such respect for Jon, well, enough respect so that I wouldn't fall out of my chair cracking up whenever he had to speak. He needs to stand in the corner and just look pretty. Here's to hoping he never gets any spokesmodel assignments! And they better not give him any more cart blanche on that site. It's bad. Awful.

    Kevin was right when he told the judges that Jon is going to need an assistant. I think his ASSISTANT will need an assistant! And his/her first job should be to completely revamp the website so that it represents Jon in the best possible light, not as a big-headed, dumb model who is looking for even more money while he can't string two coherent thoughts together.

    ::facepalm facepalm facepalm::

    Oh my head hurts.

    I'm done now.

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