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Thread: Jason

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    Age: 24
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 195 lbs.
    Sign: Scorpio
    Hometown: Vidalia, GA
    Occupation: Marketing Contractor

    I grew up in South Georgia, just outside Vidalia in a place called Taylor Springs, out in the country. I loved growing up in the country because we had a small farm and raised livestock pigs, chickens, cows, etc. I'm a sports nut. I just really love being active and I like a good competition. I enjoy being outside and, just like a true country boy, I love to fish and hunt.

    I grew up in a good Christian home and was raised with good values. My mom and dad are great. They raised me well and even though they don't understand everything I do, they are very supportive. My two older sisters are great, too. We get along very well and they are always good at giving me life advice.

    I attended college in Northeast Georgia at a place called Piedmont. I spent one year there before transferring down to Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, Georgia. I played baseball at both colleges and had a blast, but was ready to get out of college and start working. My greatest accomplishment was being able to finish college in four years because going in that is what I wanted to do, but I knew it would be tough because of baseball.

    I graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. After college, I moved up to Atlanta and started working as an independent contractor for a few marketing companies. I love working in marketing you get to meet so many different people, and you're able to learn a lot about all kinds of products. Also, you're able to attend some really cool events.

    In closing, I would like to say that I am a pretty easygoing guy who loves the Lord and his family. I believe in hard work, a positive attitude, and living each day like it's your last because we are never promised tomorrow.
    Q: What's your current relationship status? What do you look for in a potential mate?
    A: I'm single. I like someone who's easygoing, active, and has good Christian morals.

    Q: What physical activities do you do to stay in shape?
    A: I'm a big runner. I like hiking, I like swimming. I have a couple of light free weights, but mainly do pushups and sit-ups. I like playing tennis, I like any sport; in high school I played every sport you can think of.

    Q: What's your best physical feature?
    A: I get comments on my arms.

    Q: What quality do you have that would make you a successful model?
    A: I've got good sizes for a model. I've got good height, and I'm a pretty proportionate person.

    Q: Do you have a secret skill or hidden talent?
    A: I play guitar and sing, write my own music. I'd love to do it as a career; that's probably what I'd love to do the most. Music's one of my passions.

    Q: What were your best and worst subjects in school?
    A: I was always good in English, not so good in Math, especially Algebra.

    Q: What are some of your favorite movies, books and CDs?
    A: Music: Lately I've been listening to Johnny Cash, but I'm a big Dylan fan actually.
    Books: I'm a big Louis L'Amour fan, my favorite book by him is Last of the Breed.
    Movies: One of my favorites is Fight Club, another is Donnie Darko I love the soundtrack.

    Q: Did you have a childhood pet?
    A: My dad has a little Jack Russell terrier, I take him hunting when I go he's a good squirrel dog. (I apologize ahead of time to PETA.)

    Q: What's the one product or item you can't live without?
    A: If I had to lose everything, I wouldn't want to lose my guitar.

    Q: When you want to indulge yourself, what's your favorite guilty pleasure?
    A: Well, I grew up in the south so I'm a big soul food fan. I'm a big fan of pork.

    Q: What's your favorite curse word?
    A: I don't curse.
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    Makeover needed stat.

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    Right here, right now

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    He looks a lot older than 24 and what's up with the curls?

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    that cookie-crumb mustache has got to go unless this guy is trying out for the "next 1970s porn star" reality tv show :rolleyes
    Help fight cystic fibrosis or just learn more about it at the cystic fibrosis foundation website, www.cff.org and help give my little guy a better future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    that cookie-crumb mustache has got to go unless this guy is trying out for the "next 1970s porn star" reality tv show :rolleyes
    Scruffy looks good on some men. He isn't one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanatic277
    He looks a lot older than 24 and what's up with the curls?

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    Can you say "Jay Mohr"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner
    Scruffy looks good on some men. He isn't one of them.
    "Look, you love me, and I love you. Maybe in a different time, a different place, this would work out. But we both know that only one of us is leaving this room alive, and I'm the one holding the flame thrower." - Film Fakers

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    don't like his looks

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