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Thread: 5/13 Show Discussion Thread *spoilers*

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    Re: 5/13 Discussion Thread *spoilers*

    I was initially intrigued by the idea of Jonathan going darker with his hair, and agreed with the Stylists assessment that it should have been just a couple of shades down from his natural color, but that ain't what he walked out of the salon with. It is too dark. While his eyes seem to glow now, his skin tone doesn't look good. Was it just me, or does it look like it's lighter in the preview for next week?

    Salome had the killer shot with that underwear shot. Her body looked slammin', and when she was posing with the other models, It seemed to me that she was aware of what angles made her body look it's best. She really has improved, her abdomen is much flatter than when she started. It's just that a model's hips shouldn't be more than 37" to fit properly in designers sample size clothing, and 36" is actually a safer bet as sample sizes always are smaller than they say. If she keeps up the exercise she'll get there.
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    Re: 5/13 Discussion Thread *spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Harmony2000;3451877;
    I thought I would prefer the judges voting over the audience because the audience was going strictly off personalities but I'm not so sure anymore. How can they tell somebody that the photographers keep picking as their favorite that they aren't good enough? I don't understand that. Granted Salome hasn't really booked any go-see's but I think those are all bogus anyways. I'm going off the fact that the majority of the photographers seem to prefer her, doesn't that say something? Plus she looked absolutely amazing in her solo shot with just those underwear on.
    I think it's because print is a small part of what models do; the bulk of modeling money is made in 2 ways:

    1. A client falls in love with you and either hires you to be its face or for a campaign (putting you under an exclusive contract and paying for that)

    2. Lucrative runway shows

    While there's the clients who want girls with a fuller look (VS, Guess, etc) the standard right now is the teenage boy with breasts. It's not that Salome is fat by anyone's standards, it's where her weight is distributed. She has a marvelous backside and chest but unlike models like Stephanie Seymour (who has the same doe eyes and full lips has an athletic, coltish build) she just looks soft all over, and that not necessarily a good thing in modeling.

    At the same time you can be forgiven a LOT of sins if you know how to work the runway, and Salome is still learning.

    Everyone has to go on go-sees starting out in the business. Everyone hates them. It's essentially going on several job interviews a day, only you get to see your competition because they are there at the same time and you get a hell of a lot less time to impress the client. At fashion show go-sees, the client might be looking for models that have some sort of unifying theme you don't have a clue about, and with those having a great walk becomes paramount. Eventually, a model might develop a relationship with certain clients and start getting "callbacks," which is where the client calls with an particular job that they think you might be good for, but want to see you again to make sure. It's not a contract or a sure thing, but it's giant steps above the meat-market that is a go-see.

    A photographer can absolutely love a girl, and she can be magic on film. But unless that photographer has the connections to recommend a girl to the client (and have the client agree with his assessment) it means nil. The client has the last word. So even though the photographer this week absolutely loved Jonathan and his shots were fantastic, the client preferred Sandhurst and Brandon solo shots and absolutely LOVED the girls (in particular Salome), and those were the shots he chose. It sucked for Jonathan, but it happens.

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    Re: 5/13 Discussion Thread *spoilers*

    Ding, dong, the witch is dead!

    Jordan's lack of listening is really what killed her. She complained about adding the extra layers in her hair and said she has thick hair. No - what the stylist said is you have THIN hair. I have extremely thin hair, but I have TONS of it. Every 4 weeks I have to get it thinned out. I suspect that's the case with Jordan. Thin hair doesn't hold style well, no matter how much of it you have. Adding the extra layers gives her body and will help her natural hair hold style better.

    And then she boo-hoo'ed that the reason she lost is she was damned if you do or damned if you don't with the heelies. Again NO. Mountaha barely used them, and rocked the runway with her walk & still won!

    Branden is a sweet kid, but really not a runway model. And his looks is so different, that I don't see him having a lucrative career. In profile he's stunning, but not full on. Colin actually has more potential as a print model.

    Jonathan, OMG, Jonathan. I think you just lost the competition. Even if he changes his color back (which it appears he might do), now the judges have seen him with something different and he looks older, more haggard, and his eyes disappeared. They're not going to forget that.

    Salome is gorgeous. Her body is a perfect body. I wonder if she'd consider acting, where you don't have to be so thin you look sick (Jordan!).

    As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I still think it's coming down to Mountaha & Sandhurst. Either one - right now - I would be happy with the win. (Unlike last year when the stupid groupies kept Ronnie in over Perry & Shannon's awesome ness)

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    Re: 5/13 Discussion Thread *spoilers*

    I have a ton of curly hair, people are always commenting on my "thick" hair but it's actually very thin because the individual strands are very fine (not coarse like you would expect curly hair to be). So I totally got what the hair dresser was saying. It is very possible to have thick hair but it still be a mess because it's so fine. If I didn't constantly condition it? It would be a fly away mess like Jordan's was. I think the extra weave/layers actually helped it and constantly crimping it to make it appear thicker? Bad idea and damaging to the hair.

    I'm glad she's gone. Such a poor personality/attitude.

    The modeling industry never ceases to amaze me. 38" hips is plus sized and fat? I know plenty of women who wished they were that fat! When you see Salome in her undies there are ribs sticking out as well as hip bones. I think she would lose some of her looks if she got too thin. Part of what works with her is that bombshell appearance of being soft and curvy. I don't think hard angular lines like what Jordan and Mountaha have would look good on her. Salome has THE perfect body, IMO, and they should leave it as is. I think Corey will sign her regardless. He'd be a fool not to.

    I love Mountaha but I just don't think she's pretty. Her mouth freaks me out. I've never seen a mouth that tiny before, it's completely out of proportion with the rest of her face. If the show is going to harp on Salome's massive hips? I'm going to harp on Mountaha's freakish small mouth, lol.

    Sandhurst is just about perfect, in my book. Great personality, great photos, awesome walk. I'd love a final two of him and Salome. But I'd be perfectly fine with him winning. This season is so much better than last.

    Now if we can replace Nicole with Paulina (who is now looking for a job since Tyra can't handle somebody prettier than her on her show) this show would be perfect!

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    Re: 5/13 Discussion Thread *spoilers*

    Glad Jordan is gone. She is hateful - always complaining about everyone else. She is also waay too skinny - she looks anorexic. Salome is by far the prettiest but a little too curvy for a model, Montaha has he best runway walk but doesn't have the face, Brandon has the cutest personality (but too young and his body is strange), Jonathan is sexy with a stunning body but his nose is too large (for my taste), but I think Sandhurst has it all - looks, personality, walk, photogenic, and sweet. He should get it (or would if I were the judge).

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