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And these aren't the Dark Ages... women can work, and some of them even do.
I thought the same thing! Why wasn't she working? Then again these are just assumptions being made since he did say he was the bread winner (I can't remember if he said primary or I added that myself to my memory since it's how people usually say that).

No he didn't run off the NYC just to have fun but he did run off to chase some elusive dream instead of taking care of his family and their finances. Again, if this had been a female who left her children behind there would be disparaging comments made by the other contestants rather than patting him on the back kindly. I see that edit going either way, either as an excuse to get rid of him (his head wasn't in the game) or as the reason he won (he wanted it the most).

I have been on the fence about him ever since he early on showed he had a bit of a high school mentality with how he refused to believe that somebody like Salome could be so clueless and implied that he thought it was an act. I thought at the time that he was acting like he was 16 and not 26 and every time they show something behind the scenes about him my dislike grows. No, it's not on the level of how I loathed Amanda and Laury but it's getting up there more and more.