I do not see the hoopla over Jordan at all. IMO she is very plain, way too skinny, and obnoxious. I agree that he "hate" for Amanda seems unfounded and more a matter of jealousy than anything else. Of those who are left, I think Jonathan has the best shot of winning of the guys and Keryn or Montaha of the women. Branden is a cute kid, but his body is strange (round shouldered and sunken chested). My favorite - Colin has a beautiful face but his body needs work. He is getting better at walking and also seems more confident of himself (I think he is responding to all the attention from the girls and realizes he isn't a geek anymore). Sandhurst is lovely and would make a great runway model, but not as photogenic as some of the others. Jonathan - what can I say, he has it all - gorgeous body, very masculine walk and manner, and an unusually strong face that photographs very well. I hope one of the guys win. Personally, I think they are stronger than the women - at least the ones who are left. Amanda is too commercial looking, Jordan is great on the runway but too plain IMO, Mountaha is more exotic, photographs, and walks well, Keryn has the all American girl look but very high fashion, Laury - nice girl but her face is too strong and doesn't photograph well. Oops almost forgot Salome. Actually she is my favorite of the women. I like her personality and she isn't as full of herself as some of the others. She does have weight problem for modeling but I actually think she has the best "real girl" body. She seems more open and honest than the others and not as neurotic or catty.